Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Replacement of the Door

After we had a leak in the ceiling at the office of On Wings the landlord had come to check out the damage.  We had just replaced the tiles in the ceiling and now they were lying on the floor and several others were stained and water had run down onto our TV.  I said, "Lord, what is the purpose of all this?"  As our landlord was leaving I asked about the possibility of using the room which is connected to our office and he told us we were welcome to use the room at no extra charge. WOW! 

The room was filled with trash and materials left by a former tenant.  It didn't take me but one day to get the cart and get the room cleared out for use! The trouble was that in order to use the room we needed the door to be replaced  because it been busted after an attempt by a burglar before we even opened our office.
Afterseveral attempts to get someone to come down to On Wings office to take care of the problem I decided to make one last ditch effort last week.  I called my Dad and said, "Is there any chance I could get you to come down and see what materials we need to be able to lock the door?"  He came down later that day and we went to the third floor to get a door that the landlord told us we could use.

There was a young man working alone there and we introduced ourselves and told him our plan.  He came down and assisted us with picking out the door that was hinged in the same way the door we were replacing was.  He walked off and I thought we were on our own until all of a sudden he reappeared with tools to help.  Then he helped to carry the door downstairs for us (I did not know just how heavy the door was; my Dad and I could not have managed it on our own).  Think God knew that?

Then the young man, Maurice, began to survey the door frame which was also busted and set about repairing it from materials upstairs.  The more I watched him work, the more I was amazed at God's provision for us that day.  If I hadn't seen Maurice later in the week I might have thought he was an angel sent by God to get a lock on that door.  We thought he was an angel anyway.

You see God had opened the room for us to use just in time to collect the shoe-boxes we needed to store and work on for the children for Christmas.  It was an awesome reminder of God's faithfulness to get the work accomplished.  He is always right on time.  Sometimes He just has to demonstrate in a way that you know could have ONLY been Him.  We all rejoiced that day together (with Maurice) that God had him in place for such a time as that.  I just love it, don't you?