Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Come to the Cleft of the Rock

While away at a women's retreat in the mountains this weekend the Lord spoke to me to come to the cleft of the rock the next morning. On this property there are several meditation spots and one is called, "Cleft of the Rock." So I gathered up my journal and Bible and off I went. I first went to the rock in the middle of the brook cause that is my favorite spot. We only had a short quiet time so the Lord kept wooing me to go to the cleft.
I got a bench and went into the cleft. I read the Exodus 33:22-23 passage and waited on Him to show Himself just like He did to Moses as His glory passed by. I got up to return the bench and as I did I looked and there streaming down from the heavens was the second picture you see with the sun beams bearing down. I stood in amazement that He was giving me a visual picture of His glory right then and there. Just like the dove experience that I have shared with you, this was a visual appearance bright and clear.
Then today while at the office I was reading in the Message translation and what did I see:
"Jesus took Peter and the brothers, James and John, and led them up a high mountain. His appearance changed from the inside out, right before their eyes. Sunlight poured from his face. His clothes were filled with light." Matt. 17:2-3. Wow! I get the chills now just writing it.
Then a friend came in and I was talking to her in our downtown office and my eye was drawn to the picture I just framed and put on my wall. I had the picture for over a year from a prayer conference I went to then. We had been told to pick out a picture on the wall that spoke to our spirit. Mine was of the Bride in Intercession dressed in the most beautiful wedding gown ever, head bent in prayer, just like mine was this Sunday morning in the cleft. I want you to know that the sun rays were shining down on her in that picture just like you see in the picture above.
Can you see why I have goosebumps. He is so amazing. I have been asking Him to allow me to see His glory but man, I didn't expect such a demonstration! He continues to blow me away.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Favor All Day

What a day I had yesterday. My friend Debbie prays for me daily and usually that I would find favor. Well she out did herself yesterday, or should I say God did. Our daughter Mel and Brett, our grandson came over and took Paw Paw out for Father's Day. That was fun in itself.
We came back and talked and shared. She and I decided to go to the nearby furniture consignment store but first we had to take our little dogs out. As I turned to come back in the house I noticed a package at the front door which looked about the size of something I was looking to come. Sure enough it was.
I tore into it and it was an exciting moment for both Mel and I. (I will tell you soon what it was!)
Then we went to the store and Mel found a water fountain she liked and purchased that. I had seen this table and chairs that I liked for the kitchen but the table was too big for my area. Well, wouldn't you know the lady said this butterflies down into the table to make it smaller. Wow! Just what I needed, one to size up or down according to the family needs, so I put it on hold and came home to measure. Perfect!
Now would be the question of whether to spend that much on it. Mel and I decided that the table could be the spring board of the new color I needed to paint the cabinets and the walls, after I tear the wallpaper down. Man, I am getting excited now.
After supper and getting Jimmy off to work I decided to ride to Home Goods store to buy a birthday gift for a friend and ran right in to my dear friend Nancy.
I told her I was praying for her ladies retreat this coming weekend and she said she had almost called me the night before to ask me to come along. Two of the ladies had canceled at the last. I said, "Are you serious?" She said yes, so I am now going to one of my favorite spots for the weekend and couldn't be happier.
Now as many times as I have shopped at that store I have NEVER seen Nancy there so of course we believe it was meant to be!!!!!
Then on the way home my daughter calls and says, "Mom, you better hold on to your pants cause Bryan, her husband has said he wants to buy you that table and chairs. Well, I am speechless and tears start trickling down my cheeks. Now that is favor. It is for my RETIREMENT (Did I tell you I am retiring???) Well I am, so he wanted to help me celebrate it. Now is that just too sweet or what. Made me feel very special and totally loved. So you see I didn't want the day to end. Mel finished our conversation with these words, "Think I'll get off the phone and call Debbie to pray for ME some favor!!! Ha! Look out Debbie, the word is out.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

An evening with Cinderella

Last night I took our grandaughters, Carolyn and Shelbi to see Cinderella in an outdoor theater in Lewisville, N.C. It had stormed just hours before and we were so afraid we were not going to get to go, but it cleared up and was a beautiful evening. We took our chairs and snacks and off we went.
Ashley was in the production and that made it even more special to the girls. We didn't get to get a picture with Cinderella but we got the King and Queen, the Fairy Godmother, and the stepsisters. That was a thrill to the girls but the greatest was taking Ashley home afterwards. They were able to get up in the carriage with her for a last snapshot too. That will have to go in the scrapbook. Ashley did a great job. We love you girl.
Maw Maw

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Place of Beauty and Rest

We went to Lake James this weekend with some dear friends and had a great time. We did a lot of resting, talking, boating, tubing, and eating! The weather was just perfect and we were able to boat over to a resturant close by and have supper on Friday. We even beat the storm coming back. Thank you Lord!
Then we awoke to a breakfast of waffles and sausage and bacon. Wow, I didn't even have to prepare it. Thanks Frank, what a wonderful host you are. Then we went out tubing and relaxing in the boat. It was as much fun watching the others ride as it was riding.
We watched Blind Side together and fell in the bed late. The good thing was we were able to sleep late. We arose again to the smell of coffee and sausage frying up in the pan. Frank made us sausage gravy and eggs and biscuits. Wow, two mornings in a row. Can't beat that.
We all gathered to watch Charles Stanley as is our custom. He was great as usual but we were concerned because he was sitting down. Seems he hurt his knee. Hope it gets better soon.
We came home to reality as there was laundry to catch up on and floors to mop. Calls to make and emails to attend to. I had several family situations and a call from a young lady who is turning herself in tomorrow. There is a warrant out for her. She has been using crack. She will come to the office tomorrow so be praying as we share with her.
We praise God for His time outs along the way of life. He gave us rest to recharge us and put us back on the frontlines. His sunset was beautiful each evening. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God's Divine Appointments

Man, I can't believe it has been a week since I wrote. So much has gone on since then. Busy living life without time to sit down to write!
I have talked about Divine Appointments before but today was filled with them at work. My first patient took me an hour to interview because we couldn't stop sharing about what God had taught us in our journey with Him!
He is going through some health issues and wants to be crystal clear on God's direction for him. So refreshing.
I shared our need for men mentors at On Wings. We believe that the Lord orchatrated our time together today. His best friend actually told him to go ahead with his plans to have the surgery because he believed he was going to meet someone or be a witness to someone through the experience. God knew our need and I believe crossed our paths for His own purposes.
There have been times I have met people with the same impression and then nothing ever panned out but I believe it will with this young man because our spirits were in tune, for such a time as this. I believe I knew his heart and he knew mine before we left that hour of appointed time. Now we wait to see how God will work through it all.
Then this afternoon I talked with two young ladies about their faith, the last being a mother of a young lady who is incarcerated. She, like me, has been through years of heartache. Our hearts connected right away and I hope to meet with her in the future.
Wow, Wow, and Wow again. God is so awesome to bring people across our paths that so inspire and energize our faith. I remember Henry Blackaby's words so many years ago, "Watch to see where God is working and join Him." I am amazed at His workings. Makes me excited to get up each morning to see what He has in store for me.
Remember to always be on the look out for your divine appointments.