Sunday, January 31, 2010

How can you be bored?

I cherish the downtime I have whether planned or forced. I have been perfectly content to be enclosed watching the snow fall and enjoying my quiet time.
Yesterday I read, cleaned, worked on a project, cooked, talked to all my family, then read some more. All things I don't usually have the time for while going to and fro.
Today I listened to John and Charles on TV, had my quiet time, worked on a project, cooked, read, walked the neighborhood with my husband, completed session one of Esther and watched the DVD with Beth, cried, laughed and learned. How can we get bored closed in less than 48 hours. With all the technology and opportunities we have to be energized why do we get bored so quickly. Maybe it is because we have not learned to be content with where God has us. We are always wanting something else. If we don't have down time we complain, if we do, we complain. Will we ever learn to be content in ALL things?
Tomorrow most of us will be back to the grind. Then the Lord will hear us complain we are too busy and don't have enough time to do the things we desire to do. Are we ever satisfied with where He has us?


Snowed in

My daughter Melissa has urged me to begin blogging again, so here goes! I had a dickens of a time getting back on. Thanks to my friend Neil we worked through it and are ready to roll. I figure if it was difficult then the enemy tried to defeat me but we perserverved and I pray I will honor the Lord in all that is shared.

What a beautiful sight as I look out on the landscape. The snow is so bright that the sun just glows off it. You need sunglasses to look out!

That is what I imagine Moses looking like as He came off that mountain after being with the Lord. God's glory was all over him. He literally glowed. I pray that as God has given us a respite from the busyness of the world that we have taken the opportunity to come into His presence. Now let us go out with the light of His glory on us to a lost and dying world. Let's be bold about our source of that light without fear or trembling.

Charles Stanly shared this morning about God's Presence. Have you sensed His presence in a powerful way? His presence energizes us.
1. Ask Him to show you ay sin in your life
2. Surrender things that are stumbling blocks in your life
3. Be available for Him to speak to you anything He desires.

Mind you, to hear from Him you must set aside the time to be with Him. When you have been with Him then and only then will you shine with His glory. He waits for you. Will you show up?