Monday, July 29, 2013

Moving into our New Office

As I sought the Lord, He
took me back to 2 Chronicles and Solomon’s prayer
of dedication for the Temple. In 2006, I had this
same scripture for our
first office. Let me share
it with you. In Chapter 6,
verses 14-15, it proclaims
that there is no God like
Him and that He is a covenant keeping God. Read as
follows: “and he said:
“Lord God of Israel, there
is no God in heaven or on
earth like You, who keep
Your covenant and mercy
with Your servants who
walk before You with all
their hearts. You have
kept what You promised
Your servant David my father; You have both spoken
with Your mouth and fulfilled it with Your hand, as
it is this day.” II Chronicles 6:14-15
Verse 40 is our prayer for
God to hear the prayers
offered up in His house.
“Now my God, I pray, let
Your eyes be open and let
Your ears be attentive to
the prayer made in this
place.” I Chronicles 6:40
In Chapter 7, Verse 12, He
declare that He has heard
our prayers: “Then the
Lord appeared to Solomon
by night, and said to him:
“I have heard your prayer,
and chosen this place for
Myself as a house of sacrifice.” II Chronicles 7:12
In verses 15-16, He says:
“Now My eyes will be open
and My ears attentive to
the prayer made in this
place. “For now I have
chosen and sanctified this
house, that My name may
be there forever; and My
eyes and My heart will be
there perpetually.”
He has chosen to set apart
this house for his Name’s
sake. Don’t you just love it
when He speaks so clearly
to you through His Word?
It was written long ago but
it is so applicable to our
daily lives today. He has
confirmed to us His blessing on our new home and
that His ear will be attentive to our prayers.
We have set aside a prayer
room and we meet together as staff to have our
time of sharing and prayer
before our day begins. It
is very special as we share
the Word and how God has
spoken and worked in our
lives during the week. We
look forward with anticipation to how God will move
in each life that comes to

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our New Office Space

It is with great excitement and anticipation that
we announce our new office
location as of June 1, 2013.
Our physical address will
be 455 South Church
Street in Winston-Salem,
N.C., 27101. The house is
located in God’s Acre at
Old Salem. (See picture
above.) Our mailing address will remain as P.O.
Box 557, Clemmons, N.C.
27012 although we will now
be able to receive mail at
either address.
I asked God to show us
something only He could do
in regards to the move.
We looked at several spots
and God closed the door on
all of them. Michael Gwyn,
a Christian realtor, helped
us along the way to view
spaces. One morning as I
had my time with the Lord
He directed me to the passage in Joshua 3:5,
“Sanctify yourselves for
tomorrow the LORD will do
wonders among you.” I
said, “Okay Lord, I am
ready to see great wonders tomorrow. I received
an email from Michael the
next morning, saying that
the owner of the office we
had been looking at had
decided to change the
terms. They were terms
that we could not comply
In the same email he suggested that we consider
another space that he had
listed in Old Salem. They
were asking a price that
was above our range but we
decided to go see it. It
was a house with 3200
square feet. I was thinking that this would be a
wonder the passage has
spoken of if we could come
to terms with the owners
on this property. We made
a proposal and I had this
scripture: “The Lord of
Hosts has sworn saying,
Surely as I have thought
and planned, so shall it
come to pass; and as I have
purposed so shall it stand”
Isaiah 14:24.
To make a long story short,
God answered our prayers
and has done above and
beyond our expectations as
He has brought us to this
property. We are rejoicing
in His provision and looking
forward to His opportunities for expanded ministry
in the future.
He showed me the following scripture in Zephaniah
3:17, “The Lord your God is
in your midst, a victorious
warrior. He will exult over
you with joy. He will be
quiet in His love. He will
rejoice over you with
shouts of joy.” I had a
note in my Bible: Rejoice
means to turn around and
around in a violent emotion.
I can just envision the
Lord rejoicing over what
He has provided for us,
can’t you? I have felt like
standing in the front yard
on Church Street and turning around and around with
rejoicing over what He has
done for us.
We have been in our current space for going on
seven years and God is
moving us out to something
even better and we are
overwhelmed with His
goodness. He has provided
direction through the
whole process and the following is His final word to
us: “Look, the Lord your
God has set the land before you; go up and possess
it, as the Lord God of your
fathers has spoken to you;
do not fear or be discouraged” Deuteronomy 1:21.
So we are going up to possess it. Come see us! We
will have a formal open
house sometime in the fall.
On Wings Like a Dove
A newsletter from On Wings Like a Dove Ministries June 2013 Vol. 9 Issue 6
A Ministry for the Loved ones of Prodigals and Prisoners Psalm 55:6

Jewish Roots Retreat

God has been connecting
me with people over the
past few years who were
either Jewish or had a
heart for the Jews. I
began to see Him working as He laid on my
heart a desire to learn
more about my Jewish
Roots. It was my desire
to share Jewish Roots
with our families so they
could also grow in their
Apple Hill Conference
Center was the final
piece of the puzzle. After Louise, the owner,
explained how God prepared it to be an endtime refuge for the persecuted Jews, I knew
this was God's choice
for our Retreat.
Tammy Priest was gracious enough to make
herself available to
come and teach. God
used her Jewish heritage to weave together
the Old and New Testaments in a way that gave
us deeper understanding
of the scriptures. There
were many WOW moments.
Patti Sheets guided us
in a project to make a
Star of David for framing as a reminder of
what God taught us on
that mountain. She also
painted a picture during
our worship time from
which we will make
prints. If you are interested in one let me know
(see back page of the
newsletter). The prints
are $20.
Randy Bigbie and Helen
Morris led the beautiful
worship times. We worshiped, danced, and sang
praise to the Father.
Patty Chamovitz prepared Jewish foods for
us to sample and Cindy
Miller made Haman Hat
Cookies that are served
during the Feast of Purium.
Here are some comments from the weekend:
"I can't begin to even
put into words this past
weekend. There are no
words....I think I am still
"I had a wonderful time
this weekend and I'm
still trying to process all
that I learned."
"It was the best ever. I
wouldn't have changed a
Our Fall Retreat will be
October 4-6 at Lake
James. I encourage you
to register as soon as
possible—first come,
first served. Cost will
be $50.00. (Includes
materials for our sessions; scholarships
We will visit The Cove
on Saturday. If you
have never been it is
quite a treat. Email me
or call 336-972-4213.