Monday, July 29, 2013

Moving into our New Office

As I sought the Lord, He
took me back to 2 Chronicles and Solomon’s prayer
of dedication for the Temple. In 2006, I had this
same scripture for our
first office. Let me share
it with you. In Chapter 6,
verses 14-15, it proclaims
that there is no God like
Him and that He is a covenant keeping God. Read as
follows: “and he said:
“Lord God of Israel, there
is no God in heaven or on
earth like You, who keep
Your covenant and mercy
with Your servants who
walk before You with all
their hearts. You have
kept what You promised
Your servant David my father; You have both spoken
with Your mouth and fulfilled it with Your hand, as
it is this day.” II Chronicles 6:14-15
Verse 40 is our prayer for
God to hear the prayers
offered up in His house.
“Now my God, I pray, let
Your eyes be open and let
Your ears be attentive to
the prayer made in this
place.” I Chronicles 6:40
In Chapter 7, Verse 12, He
declare that He has heard
our prayers: “Then the
Lord appeared to Solomon
by night, and said to him:
“I have heard your prayer,
and chosen this place for
Myself as a house of sacrifice.” II Chronicles 7:12
In verses 15-16, He says:
“Now My eyes will be open
and My ears attentive to
the prayer made in this
place. “For now I have
chosen and sanctified this
house, that My name may
be there forever; and My
eyes and My heart will be
there perpetually.”
He has chosen to set apart
this house for his Name’s
sake. Don’t you just love it
when He speaks so clearly
to you through His Word?
It was written long ago but
it is so applicable to our
daily lives today. He has
confirmed to us His blessing on our new home and
that His ear will be attentive to our prayers.
We have set aside a prayer
room and we meet together as staff to have our
time of sharing and prayer
before our day begins. It
is very special as we share
the Word and how God has
spoken and worked in our
lives during the week. We
look forward with anticipation to how God will move
in each life that comes to

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