Thursday, August 1, 2013

Post Retirement Decisions

I retired recently and have been questioning whether I should try to keep my nursing license active so that I could work IF it became necessary. I have also wondered if I should try another part time job like pet sitting, sitting with patients,  painting, selling Shakly, or writing. It is a little disconcerting to quit bringing in any monies upon retirement.  So I have been asking the Lord to show me clearly what He wants me to do.  I want to be obedient to His direction and have the faith not to second guess Him.

The other day I had my quiet time on the screened in porch.  I love to be outside listening to the birds (especially the cooing of the doves). I also enjoy the breeze marching through the trees and watching the flowers as the butterflies come and go.  Often times I can also have a quick visit with a neighbor as they pass by.

I decided to go down into the flower garden the other day and left my Bible open on the porch.  The breeze blew my pages and when I returned my eyes fell on Psalm 45.  As I scrolled down that chapter one verse got my attention:  "My heart overflows with a "godly theme; I address my psalm to a king.  My tongue is as the pen of a ready writer."  I believe God was saying this is what I want you to do; write.  Now I am not the best writer in the world, but I love to journal about how God has worked in my life or shown me direction or spoken from His word.

So I have made a commitment to blog again and I want to submit some articles to some magazines and see if I can get any interest from them.  Pray for me as I pursue this adventure.  


  1. Boy what a great surprise to see your face on my blog today. I really thought you had given up blogging....

    I love this direction you are going in as I think you have proven you are a good writer....I think a devotion book would be good as you have so many experiences of seeing God work right in front of you.....What do you think?

    I can't wait for us to have some time in the mountains too...It's been way too long and having lunch reminded me of just how much fun we have together....When you get back let me know and we will put a date on the calendar....

    1. Hey girl, Just saw this. When we going? Give me some dates.

    2. How did you know I was thinking of a devotion book my friend? You are something.

  2. Since God is pulling at your heartstrings to write then he will make your words meaningful and give you every success. I seem to be led in ways of action, to save someone or witness for them or give them something or watch over them until they get to safety. I know you'll use your talents for his glory. It takes a long time for some of us to realize that voice in our heads and tension in our bodies is the signal from God to act now. I have finally learned that he is saying,"I am leading you".