Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Visit to the Youth Detention Center

A couple of friends had been going to our local youth detention center and I told them that I wanted to go sometime. They went today and had invited me, but it was to be at 3:00 and I was working till 5:00. I told them that if I was to go God would have to orchastrate it cause I couldn't get off otherwise. They were taking mother's who had either been incarcerated or had had children incarcerated. Well, as only He can do I got off just in time to make my way down to the center. Isn't He amazing.
So I figured ok Lord you wanted me to go now give me something to say that will touch the heart of these kids.
As they filed in I began to watch them and their demeanor. Some had those inquizitive looks, some horsing around, but the ones who got my attention were the ones who look as if they had NO life in their eyes, no hope of change, no hope of a future, and no love in their hearts. Those are the faces that will haunt me. I wish I had had more time with them. Lord use the hour we had with them to make a difference in their lives. I pray they will hear the voices of each mother as they go back to their homes. Some gave testimony that Mom was in jail, they didn't know Mom or Dad. Man, how would that feel? Some go back into the same environments and they recyle around and around. One boy had come in NINE times!
They shared their hopes and dreams of being an electrical engineer, a football player, or a basketball player. What happens when they go back into an environment where they have no demonstration of love? Please pray for these young men.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Amazing Spring Retreat

Our Spring Retreat for our Mother's was totally AMAZING. We had rain off and on but that didn't dampen our spirits. The sun would break out ever so often which allowed some of us to go up on the mountain, some by the firepit, some on the rocks right in the middle of the roaring brook, and some on the porch. Wherever we found ourselves God was in our midst and He spoke to each heart as He would like. We were all open and ready to recieve from our spirits as His Holy Spirit spoke and renewed and restored us each one.
The most comforting thing was to be able to share our pain, shame, and deep hurts and struggles in company of like Mother's. There was no shame in the group as we shared how hard it is to open up and be honest in front of those who "seem" to have it all together, with kids doing just the right things.
One of the women didn't know what to expect because she had never been to a Retreat. Man, did God ever do a work in her life as she shared. I know it won't be her last retreat!
God provided every need we had and then some. We had awesome food prepared by a new found friend who has lots of energy and passion to serve. What a chef! I could not have done it without her willing spirit and provision. We were not only fed spiritually but gorgeously fed by her hand as she "washed our feet" with her servants heart.
Thank you to all who prayed for each lady in attendance. It was truly a blessing. Now I will not share any more till we get our blog updated and rejuvanated. My dear friend Nancy has agreed to help me with that. Stayed tuned!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Brett's Preschool Graduation

We went to our oldest grandson's graduation the other night. We had a big time watching all the kids go on stage and sing and do the cutest things. Course we had eyes for one little fellow with our camera's focused on his every movement. He was the best of all you know. He has a way of making some of the strangest faces when he knows he is the center of attention and he certainly was that night with Mom and Dad, Maw Maw and Paw Paw, Grandaddy and Grammie and Grandma in attendance. He was in hog heaven. He likes it when it is ALL about him.
We then went out to dinner and had a big time laughing and sharing for a while longer. It is hard to believe that he is five and will be going into kindergarten next year. Seems like he was just born in many ways. I wonder where he will take us in the years to come. Melissa says right now it is his goal to make people laugh! He has played soccer two years and has decided that he is done with that. He wants to play golf. The next Nicholas? (I hesitated to say Tiger Woods).
We are so proud of you Brett. You are soooooooooo smart and God made you so special to us. You bring a lot of joy to us. Thank you for the picture. I have it framed and hanging in my office right where I can see it often. It so goes with my colors (sorry Mel).
Love Maw Maw

Vacation by the Sea

Jimmy and I got away for a few days to the beach, right by ourselves. We forget every May which weej is bikers week. You guessed it, we were surrounded but not as much as last year. The bikers were more down south and Murrells Inlet where we went to dine on the most fabulous sauteed shrimp in the world at Drunken Jacks. What a fabulous salad bar and a great view. We should have split a plate, but no we never remember till we are so stuffed we can hardly get up from the table. Oh well, it's only once a year, right?
Jimmy got sick right off the bat. We ate at my favorite for dinner on Mother's Day, Bonefish. Now I know we have one here but the first one we ever ate at was at the beach and after all, it was Mother's Day, my choice right? We had a coupon which made it all the better. Course we topped it off with key lime pie. I took it home and had two servings from it. Makes my mouth water to think of it.
Anyway, Jimmy had gone to the couch (cause of his snoring) and came back to bed shivering. I thought he had just gotten cold, but the shivering didn't stop and he said he felt like a dog. He ended up in the bed all morning. I went on out to enjoy the beach and he joined me before long. Don't know what the deal was but he was all better. I couldn't believe he was sick on the first day of vacation. I had called and asked our daughter Melissa to pray so I believe she will get my next request as needed,cause it worked.
We did a lot of resting and a little shopping. It was cooler than normal but I am grateful cause even though I stayed pretty much covered up my feet got sunburned a bit.
I am beginning to understand my parents desire to be in their own bed. I could hardly get out of bed by the second morning and began having spasms in my back. We laughed that things sure had changed since we had been there together the first time on our honeymoon 40 years before! Ha! Sure was glad to be back in our bed at home,but the back continues to be an issue, even after a massage. I had had a gift certificate left from 2 years ago and another one from last September that a friend had given me so I put them both together and totally enjoyed. Thanks Melissa and Cindy.
Melissa had give me a generous gift certificate two years ago. I had used it once already and had some dollars left on it. I kept saving it and it is amazing it hadn't expired on me. Now that would have made me mad! I remember reading something Erma Bombeck had written years ago about the foolishness of saving things to use or wear hoping to use them ONE day only to get the diagnosis of some dreaded disease and then die only to have our kids sell it at a yard sale, or throw it in the trash. Why do we save things and not use them. Now that is another whole subject.
Our time away didn't last long enough but that's the way it goes. We look so forward to our get away only to have it come and go often before we blink! Praise God we were able to get away and enjoy our time together. It was great! So nice to sit and read right by the ocean and listen to the song of the ocean as it came and went. Neat to dig in the sand with our toes and walk and watch the sea gulls and dodge dead jelly fish and all that goes with the scenery.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Clean Up Day

Melissa came over to help me clean up and organize my home office the other day. I had been putting off the dreaded task because it was quite overwhelming. We worked five hours and still didn't get it all done. She suggested I get a cabinet with bins to store some of my things. I put my little desk downstairs which made room for it. I cleaned the windows and the blinds (only room in the house so far with clean windows). I have been so involved with other projects that I hadn't gotten around to doing much cleaning. It has inspired me to go one room at a time. By the time I get around the whole house it will be time to start all over.
Melissa suggested I get green bins. I have tomato red walls and white bookcases so the green really makes it pop. I am quite pleased. I still have to sort through some papers and books so I have placed them temporarily back in the closet floor, but Melissa organized the closet shelf in the wonderful plastic bins I had gotten. I have all my wrapping paper, bags, and bows stored away. It was nice to go in today and actually find bags for my Mother's Day gifts. Now the key is not to let it get in that shape again,right?
I would like to now have my quiet time in my clean, organized office but my little dog, Domino lays with me on the couch in the den with her head on her paws each morning. I would have to get her use to being on the floor. Now that is a novel idea! She is so cute as she has her quiet time with me. She knows it is our routine. Of course with the nice weather I like to go out on the porch in the mornings. Now that brings up another area that needs some spring cleaning. I get the pollen wiped off and then kaboom, it is back again. Since the family is coming over tomorrow I guess I better get it cleaned off.
Man I don't know about you but I don't seem to ever get it all done anymore.
I need to also be out in the yard pulling weeds. Jimmy and I walked around and spraying weeds this afternoon and also poison ivy. I had gotten into it a few weeks ago and it took me up to now to get rid of all the patches. It was a buger this time.
I am most grateful to Melissa for helping me. I would have never gotten it accomplished! I owe her big time! She is better about throwing things out than I am. I am a pack rat. Not a hoarder but a pack rat. Have you seen those programs with the hoaders. Hope I never get that bad. It is too sad. Makes me feel better about my mess.