Friday, May 7, 2010

Clean Up Day

Melissa came over to help me clean up and organize my home office the other day. I had been putting off the dreaded task because it was quite overwhelming. We worked five hours and still didn't get it all done. She suggested I get a cabinet with bins to store some of my things. I put my little desk downstairs which made room for it. I cleaned the windows and the blinds (only room in the house so far with clean windows). I have been so involved with other projects that I hadn't gotten around to doing much cleaning. It has inspired me to go one room at a time. By the time I get around the whole house it will be time to start all over.
Melissa suggested I get green bins. I have tomato red walls and white bookcases so the green really makes it pop. I am quite pleased. I still have to sort through some papers and books so I have placed them temporarily back in the closet floor, but Melissa organized the closet shelf in the wonderful plastic bins I had gotten. I have all my wrapping paper, bags, and bows stored away. It was nice to go in today and actually find bags for my Mother's Day gifts. Now the key is not to let it get in that shape again,right?
I would like to now have my quiet time in my clean, organized office but my little dog, Domino lays with me on the couch in the den with her head on her paws each morning. I would have to get her use to being on the floor. Now that is a novel idea! She is so cute as she has her quiet time with me. She knows it is our routine. Of course with the nice weather I like to go out on the porch in the mornings. Now that brings up another area that needs some spring cleaning. I get the pollen wiped off and then kaboom, it is back again. Since the family is coming over tomorrow I guess I better get it cleaned off.
Man I don't know about you but I don't seem to ever get it all done anymore.
I need to also be out in the yard pulling weeds. Jimmy and I walked around and spraying weeds this afternoon and also poison ivy. I had gotten into it a few weeks ago and it took me up to now to get rid of all the patches. It was a buger this time.
I am most grateful to Melissa for helping me. I would have never gotten it accomplished! I owe her big time! She is better about throwing things out than I am. I am a pack rat. Not a hoarder but a pack rat. Have you seen those programs with the hoaders. Hope I never get that bad. It is too sad. Makes me feel better about my mess.

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