Monday, May 17, 2010

Vacation by the Sea

Jimmy and I got away for a few days to the beach, right by ourselves. We forget every May which weej is bikers week. You guessed it, we were surrounded but not as much as last year. The bikers were more down south and Murrells Inlet where we went to dine on the most fabulous sauteed shrimp in the world at Drunken Jacks. What a fabulous salad bar and a great view. We should have split a plate, but no we never remember till we are so stuffed we can hardly get up from the table. Oh well, it's only once a year, right?
Jimmy got sick right off the bat. We ate at my favorite for dinner on Mother's Day, Bonefish. Now I know we have one here but the first one we ever ate at was at the beach and after all, it was Mother's Day, my choice right? We had a coupon which made it all the better. Course we topped it off with key lime pie. I took it home and had two servings from it. Makes my mouth water to think of it.
Anyway, Jimmy had gone to the couch (cause of his snoring) and came back to bed shivering. I thought he had just gotten cold, but the shivering didn't stop and he said he felt like a dog. He ended up in the bed all morning. I went on out to enjoy the beach and he joined me before long. Don't know what the deal was but he was all better. I couldn't believe he was sick on the first day of vacation. I had called and asked our daughter Melissa to pray so I believe she will get my next request as needed,cause it worked.
We did a lot of resting and a little shopping. It was cooler than normal but I am grateful cause even though I stayed pretty much covered up my feet got sunburned a bit.
I am beginning to understand my parents desire to be in their own bed. I could hardly get out of bed by the second morning and began having spasms in my back. We laughed that things sure had changed since we had been there together the first time on our honeymoon 40 years before! Ha! Sure was glad to be back in our bed at home,but the back continues to be an issue, even after a massage. I had had a gift certificate left from 2 years ago and another one from last September that a friend had given me so I put them both together and totally enjoyed. Thanks Melissa and Cindy.
Melissa had give me a generous gift certificate two years ago. I had used it once already and had some dollars left on it. I kept saving it and it is amazing it hadn't expired on me. Now that would have made me mad! I remember reading something Erma Bombeck had written years ago about the foolishness of saving things to use or wear hoping to use them ONE day only to get the diagnosis of some dreaded disease and then die only to have our kids sell it at a yard sale, or throw it in the trash. Why do we save things and not use them. Now that is another whole subject.
Our time away didn't last long enough but that's the way it goes. We look so forward to our get away only to have it come and go often before we blink! Praise God we were able to get away and enjoy our time together. It was great! So nice to sit and read right by the ocean and listen to the song of the ocean as it came and went. Neat to dig in the sand with our toes and walk and watch the sea gulls and dodge dead jelly fish and all that goes with the scenery.


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  1. I am so glad you had a good time at the beach; resting up for your retreat uh?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for joining....and you just let me know and we will dress your up any way you like....I just got throught helping Pat do hers.....
    I'll check in with you in a couple of days about your retreat....
    Be sweet,
    Love ya,