Saturday, November 20, 2010

Proof of Identity

I am applying for a position as a PRN (as needed) nurse in my previous place of work. I would work probably one day a week or less, according to the need. Upon retirement, which was 6 weeks ago, (unbelieveably) I had thought about going back one day a week to help with the income and have some fun money.
Wouldn't you know that even after 23 years of employment with this same company I was required to reapply and produce proof of who I was and that I was a US citizen qualified to work. I had to go through all the tests for TB and mumps and measles and what medicines I take, and yes a drug screen!
I got to thinking how God knows if we are His, once and for all. We never have to prove our citizenship or worthiness to work. He will be waiting with open arms for our entrance through the heavenly gates. Doesn't matter if we have worked for His kingdom causes for one day or fifty years. We won't have to go dig for our credentials. We are tatooted on His hands. He knows us brothers and sisters! Is that not amazing and reassuring.
Won't matter that I can't find my SS card or that my passport has expired. He knows me! The policies of major corporations baffles me at times. What happened to the simple life? We make things so complicated now a days. In the past we would have skipped all the hipe and taken a former employee back in in a heartbeat especially after 23 years service. Makes me scratch my head. No wonder we have so much stress in the world, nothing is simple anymore. The nurse had to fill out lots of forms taken from info in my file from years past. Interesting! Think my fellow employees will remember me when I go back in or had I better take a picture ID? Sometimes I don't even know who I am so guess I shouldn't expect others to either. Ha, life is fun, right?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Afternoon spent with a Dear Friend in a Courtroom

I went to help a friend at her house this morning and then left to go to be with another friend in court. Thank goodness I left a little early to get there, the traffic was horrendous. They had one lane blocked for what seemed like forever. Some people were very anxious because I know they needed to be somewhere at a certain time. Some were even changing lanes and going around on the right side of traffic in order to get ahead. I was a little early so felt comfortable that I would make it. Some cars were taking the exit ramp a couple of exits that was smart.
I got to the courthouse in plenty of time to meet my friend, her family, and a few of her other supporters. We have been praying for God's will in this situation. There is a program in the city ready to take him in, but the judge was not familiar with the rules and restrictions of the facility, so the sentencing was postponed till friday. The lawyer, DA and the judge will investigate the program and hopefully have someone present from the facility to answer any questions regarding security, educational offerings, rehab capabilities, qualifications of the counselors, etc.
I hated that the family had to sit there for two and a half hours on pins and needles awaiting their son to be ushered into the room and expecting a verdict, but now having to wait till friday for closure. It is NEVER easy.
I understand the questions the judge had about the facility and his reluctance to make a judgement without further information. Seems like the lawyer would have anticipated that those type questions would need to be answered and been better prepared to answer the judges questions about it, but then that would have taken further research. With the fees they charge seems that they would have been ready with that information. Now everyone has to come back together once again to sit through who knows how many more cases before this one is heard.
It brought up all the old feelings I had as a mother awaiting the final decision of our son's fate. It is a very unpleasant position to be in. I grieve for any mother who has to endure the humiliation of sitting through lawyers, the D. A., the probation officier discussing the future of the young man sitting before them. Coming from the other side I know it must be tough to know what the best decision is for the one on trial. Do they think he would benefit from a rehab situation or would it be best if he experienced prison, to hopefully deter him from going the round again. I could tell the probation officier was not sure what would be best to get this young man's attention. She could not see it from a mother's perspective (heart), she had to approach it from the standpoint of the law and her instinct.
I always prayed and hoped that each time our son was sent to prison that that would be what it took to open his eyes and cause him to turn from the old friends and other influences. It is a hard thing to watch. These parents are not trying to get him out of consequenses, just trying to help him get the best possible assistance hoping for the best possible outcome in the future.
Please pray for God's perfect will to be done. He and He alone knows what this fella needs to get his attention. We certainly don't want the easier way for him if he will not learn from it. It is hard to say whatever it takes Lord, but that is our prayer. God loves him more than even his mother does. Hard for a mother to comprehend that anyone could love her son more or have the best intentions for him but it is true. God's word also says He prays for the rebellious. Pray this family will totally release him to the Father. That is where he is safest!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buying items for the Shoe Boxes

After church (and of course McDonald's) my three grandchildren and I went to the dollar store to buy gifts to put in the shoeboxes to go overseas to other children. I will have to admit that this is the first time I had gotten them involved and it was fun.
I had two ten year old girls and a five year old boy. They would suggest things to buy to put in our buggy and believe me it was interesting. Brett picked out trucks with machine guns and so forth on it. I explained that we couldn't send guns, so back it went on the shelf. He picked pencils instead. A little safer, right?
Then we went the gamit from bubbles, play dough, chocolate candy, chap stick to crayons, and bottle water. I explained that the boxes might sit out in the very hot weather so we couldn't send things that would melt or leak.
As we approached another isle we ran into a lady who had been around us smiling as the kids would make a suggestion or throw something in the buggy. I said, "interesting to shop with three kids!" Turns out she was shopping for her own shoe boxes and said she was getting ideas from my kids.
We came home and they enjoyed packing their items into their individual boxes. We will get more in order to get it all ready to send. Then we will have to wrap the box in Christmas wrap and hopefully they will prepare a card to put in the box with a message to the child who receives it. We might even attach a picture so that they can know who sent them the gift.
The whole experience gave me a chance to share with them that this would probably be the only thing this child would recieve for Christmas, maybe all year. Made them stop and think, at least for a minute! I wish they could go with me in a couple of weeks to see the videos of the children recieving the gift. The joy on their faces as they open the box is worth any effort we put into getting it made up. I have enjoyed joining my friends the last few years to journey up to Boone to help inspect and pack up the boxes for shipment to the different countries. It is quite a process. Let's pray for this outreach across the many different countries, that God's love will be felt to all who recieve.
What a privilege we have to participate in this effort through Operation Christmas Child.
God Bless.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Spectacular Day with the Grandkids

I have three of my four grandchildren with me tonight. We went to the Spectaular Kids Day Event this afternoon put on by WBFJ. They had fun on the blow up jumping equipment, watching the puppet show, eating popcorn and snow cones. Their mouths were blue by the time they finished. Izzy and Shelbi got their face painted with Jesus loves me and the cross. Great witnessing tool as we went to a fast fun resturant afterwards and people asked them what it said.
We stopped at a furniture outlet afterwards and it was so funny hearing them make comments about all we saw. Brett said once, "That looks marvelous, Maw Maw." Then we got to the kids area and they saw a Mickey Mouse phone and they all wanted to take it home.
We stopped and got a extra long coney hotdog. It was oh so good but Brett had trouble holding on to it so he had catsup and mustard and chili running down his chin and onto his jeans! Typical boy, right! It all comes out in the wash!!!!!
They came home and within 60 minutes had out the bikes, bubbles, chalk for the driveway and are now playing legos. They are old enough now to sorta entertain themselves for a while.
Soon there will be baths, a snack, brushing of teeth and then snuggling in the bed to fall to sleep to a movie. I always snuggle with them. Paw Paw is working tonight so he is missing out on the fun.
Domino on the other hand is having a fun time jumping on them and catching anything that falls from the table. Ming is nosing around in all they are doing. He might just snuggle up with us later. Curiousity killed the cat you know. He loves the kids.
It is getting cold now so the neighborhood cat came in to curl up in his bed (an old stroller that we keep around, just for him). Sounds like a zoo around here doesn't it? We like it that way. Keeps us going and making memories for years to come I pray. Maybe next time Kane will come. He was not feeling well today and he is two and even though he tried, can't keep up with the older ones. They are all growing up too quickly. I will enjoy this time together. Pray that you are able to have your family close by. It is a blessing.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Day of Stripping

I went for two walks today. I thought it was gonna rain so walked before my husband got up, then came home and cooked sausage and waffles! Man were they good! Then I took some seed to the birds and put water in the bird bath. You see I had looked out and seen two doves sitting on the edge of the birdbath and knew I needed to get cracking with their provisions. Then Jimmy and I took off on another walk. As we walked the birds were giving us a symphony like I have never heard! Maybe because I am taking a little more time to smell the roses, and listening to nature a little more closely. I needed the extra walk, but was worn out by the time the last lap was done (reckon it is my age?).
I had soaked pinto beans overnight and so I got the beans cooking with a good ole ham hock. On a cool crisp day the smell of the beans cooking was very comforting. A month ago I would have been at work so I spent the day praising God for the opportunity to do some much needed chores at home in the warmth of my home.
I got going on stripping the kitchen wallpaper (that's right, wallpaper, what did you think I meant?) and spent the whole afternoon getting the big wall done. The rest should go a little faster since they are smaller areas. There was only one small section that will have to be patched up. I think that is very good. Now my hardest thing will be to decide the color I will paint the wall. I am going to paint the wood work off white. It is now a dark color so I am hoping that it will lighten up the room.
I thought as I stripped the paper off about how God often times has to strip us. Often times He can remove large strips at a time, but sometimes it is a long, tedious job. Some of the paper came off in small little pieces and I had to keep applying the paper remover to keep it wet. I guess God has to keep applying His Word to strip away all our pride, judgemental attitudes, wrong thoughts and words, etc.
After dinner I decided to get in the hot tub to ease some of my aching joints. It felt so good as I sank down in the hot, hot water with the jets pounding out the aches and pains in my joints!
Now I am settled in to do some writing and reading, my favorite way to wind down the day. I continue to enjoy my retirement days, but find plenty to do. No soap opera and bon bons for me! I never could imagine how anyone could ever be bored when not at a job. There is always plenty to do. Tomorrow Barbara and I will work at the office for a while. Thank goodness there will be no stripping involved!