Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Spectacular Day with the Grandkids

I have three of my four grandchildren with me tonight. We went to the Spectaular Kids Day Event this afternoon put on by WBFJ. They had fun on the blow up jumping equipment, watching the puppet show, eating popcorn and snow cones. Their mouths were blue by the time they finished. Izzy and Shelbi got their face painted with Jesus loves me and the cross. Great witnessing tool as we went to a fast fun resturant afterwards and people asked them what it said.
We stopped at a furniture outlet afterwards and it was so funny hearing them make comments about all we saw. Brett said once, "That looks marvelous, Maw Maw." Then we got to the kids area and they saw a Mickey Mouse phone and they all wanted to take it home.
We stopped and got a extra long coney hotdog. It was oh so good but Brett had trouble holding on to it so he had catsup and mustard and chili running down his chin and onto his jeans! Typical boy, right! It all comes out in the wash!!!!!
They came home and within 60 minutes had out the bikes, bubbles, chalk for the driveway and are now playing legos. They are old enough now to sorta entertain themselves for a while.
Soon there will be baths, a snack, brushing of teeth and then snuggling in the bed to fall to sleep to a movie. I always snuggle with them. Paw Paw is working tonight so he is missing out on the fun.
Domino on the other hand is having a fun time jumping on them and catching anything that falls from the table. Ming is nosing around in all they are doing. He might just snuggle up with us later. Curiousity killed the cat you know. He loves the kids.
It is getting cold now so the neighborhood cat came in to curl up in his bed (an old stroller that we keep around, just for him). Sounds like a zoo around here doesn't it? We like it that way. Keeps us going and making memories for years to come I pray. Maybe next time Kane will come. He was not feeling well today and he is two and even though he tried, can't keep up with the older ones. They are all growing up too quickly. I will enjoy this time together. Pray that you are able to have your family close by. It is a blessing.

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  1. Oh What fun and memeories you are making girlfriend.....You are so blessed to have them so close....

    You show them Jesus at every turn and they will never forget it.....

    Bless you MawMaw