Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Day of Stripping

I went for two walks today. I thought it was gonna rain so walked before my husband got up, then came home and cooked sausage and waffles! Man were they good! Then I took some seed to the birds and put water in the bird bath. You see I had looked out and seen two doves sitting on the edge of the birdbath and knew I needed to get cracking with their provisions. Then Jimmy and I took off on another walk. As we walked the birds were giving us a symphony like I have never heard! Maybe because I am taking a little more time to smell the roses, and listening to nature a little more closely. I needed the extra walk, but was worn out by the time the last lap was done (reckon it is my age?).
I had soaked pinto beans overnight and so I got the beans cooking with a good ole ham hock. On a cool crisp day the smell of the beans cooking was very comforting. A month ago I would have been at work so I spent the day praising God for the opportunity to do some much needed chores at home in the warmth of my home.
I got going on stripping the kitchen wallpaper (that's right, wallpaper, what did you think I meant?) and spent the whole afternoon getting the big wall done. The rest should go a little faster since they are smaller areas. There was only one small section that will have to be patched up. I think that is very good. Now my hardest thing will be to decide the color I will paint the wall. I am going to paint the wood work off white. It is now a dark color so I am hoping that it will lighten up the room.
I thought as I stripped the paper off about how God often times has to strip us. Often times He can remove large strips at a time, but sometimes it is a long, tedious job. Some of the paper came off in small little pieces and I had to keep applying the paper remover to keep it wet. I guess God has to keep applying His Word to strip away all our pride, judgemental attitudes, wrong thoughts and words, etc.
After dinner I decided to get in the hot tub to ease some of my aching joints. It felt so good as I sank down in the hot, hot water with the jets pounding out the aches and pains in my joints!
Now I am settled in to do some writing and reading, my favorite way to wind down the day. I continue to enjoy my retirement days, but find plenty to do. No soap opera and bon bons for me! I never could imagine how anyone could ever be bored when not at a job. There is always plenty to do. Tomorrow Barbara and I will work at the office for a while. Thank goodness there will be no stripping involved!


  1. "I thought as I stripped the paper off about how God often times has to strip us."

    I get that once in a while. Well actually more often than once in a while.
    God doesn't seem to have any end to His patience with me though.

  2. Girlfriend, I love your long newsy posts......You were a busy girl yesterday...wish I had had some of those beans....

    You are definitely right about God having to strip away with us....I think I havea patch right now that is raw but I am slowly getting it......

    Love ya girlfriend,

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