Saturday, November 20, 2010

Proof of Identity

I am applying for a position as a PRN (as needed) nurse in my previous place of work. I would work probably one day a week or less, according to the need. Upon retirement, which was 6 weeks ago, (unbelieveably) I had thought about going back one day a week to help with the income and have some fun money.
Wouldn't you know that even after 23 years of employment with this same company I was required to reapply and produce proof of who I was and that I was a US citizen qualified to work. I had to go through all the tests for TB and mumps and measles and what medicines I take, and yes a drug screen!
I got to thinking how God knows if we are His, once and for all. We never have to prove our citizenship or worthiness to work. He will be waiting with open arms for our entrance through the heavenly gates. Doesn't matter if we have worked for His kingdom causes for one day or fifty years. We won't have to go dig for our credentials. We are tatooted on His hands. He knows us brothers and sisters! Is that not amazing and reassuring.
Won't matter that I can't find my SS card or that my passport has expired. He knows me! The policies of major corporations baffles me at times. What happened to the simple life? We make things so complicated now a days. In the past we would have skipped all the hipe and taken a former employee back in in a heartbeat especially after 23 years service. Makes me scratch my head. No wonder we have so much stress in the world, nothing is simple anymore. The nurse had to fill out lots of forms taken from info in my file from years past. Interesting! Think my fellow employees will remember me when I go back in or had I better take a picture ID? Sometimes I don't even know who I am so guess I shouldn't expect others to either. Ha, life is fun, right?

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  1. Wonderful point my friend....a point well taken.....Thank goodness God knows who we are....and isn't that something to be so thankful of this week and every day.........
    We are so blessed....
    Love you girlfriend,