Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An early morning call

I was preparing for work this morning when the phone rang. I went to pick it up and saw it was my husband Jimmy. He explained that he had been involved in an accident. See he was coming home from his job after working 12 hours all night. A lady had run a stop light and he had plowed right into her. He was driving his big truck and she was in a small Toyota sooooooooooo guess who got the worse of that. They were both okay but Jimmy was complaining of a shoulder injury. I told him to go to our family Dr. to make sure it was okay and he checked out fine.
Jimmy's fellow Detention Officiers were right along behind him and they had stopped to help. I can just imagine the thoughts of this young lady with all these guys in sherriff uniforms surrounding her. She got out of the car confessing. Bless her!
As I called our children to report to them that Dad had had an accident but was okay, Melissa said, "What's wrong Mom". Poor thing has gotten calls so many times with bad news she knew that an early morning call could not be good.
As I looked at my phone I had gotten an email from Sylvia Gunter who has written many prayer books and in bold type it said, THE BATTLE IS THE LORD'S. I had had this same scripture when our son attempted suicide. Stand still and see the deliverance of the Lord. WOW!
Jimmy encouraged me to go on to work and his friend would take him home as he lived in Clemmons. God had already given me peace and I knew He was in control so I did go on to work and everything worked out fine.
Our grandson Brett, was very upset about Papa and he and Melissa are coming to visit tomorrow and Brett wants to bring Papa a card. He is so sweet.
The truck was banged up pretty good but is fixable. It was Jimmy's Dad's truck and he has protected it for 10 years since his Dad's death. I knew it hurt his heart to wreck it but he took it well.
We are so grateful that no one was hurt and that God once again protected. We praise Him as our strong fortress and Mighty Warrior.

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