Monday, April 26, 2010

A Teachable Moment

I had promised our grandaughters that they could pick out a ring they had seen at Lifeway when their birthdays arrived. Due to schedules we were not able to get there till this past weekend. We had our almost two year old grandson with us when we went. He had a big time playing hide and seek with Papa. Then he saw a Veggie Tales lunch box on the shelf. He attached himself to it and when his sister tries to take it away he cries out, "Mine". Well you guessed it, we came home with a Veggie Tale's lunchbox!
On his way out the door he saw a stuffed dog and picked it up and put it under his arm and headed towards the door. This time we had to use it as a teaching moment and explain to him that he couldn't take it with him. He was so cute but he has to learn he can't have everything he wants, right? Not even from Mama and Papa.
When we got home from church on Sunday he took the lunch box to bed with him. Don't know how long he will be attached but it is cute for the moment. So cute, who can resist that little boy. He loves to call for mama and papa. Most times he says mama papa like it is one name. What a boy. We love being grandparents. They are all so special and have brought such pleasure to our lives.

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