Friday, April 2, 2010

Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him

God had taken me to this passage from Job 13:15 yesterday. I thought, okay what does this mean Lord. Our son had been having stomach pain and they were doing an endoscopy yesterday. Did it mean I would recieve bad news, what?
We actually had some emotional battles to work through and I kept remembering, Yet I will trust Him!
This morning I went to Job 13:20-22. Job asked God to end his pain and stop frightening him with such terrors. In 14:1-12--Job embraced the fact of God's control over the issues of life but challenged their meaning. Job asked God for a little grace instead of such intense judgement and a little rest from the pain.
Psalm 56:3, Confidence in the Lord is a purposeful decision, replacing an emotional reaction to one's circumstances. Anguish is intensified by increasing harrassment in vs. 5. 56:8, David asked God to keep a remembrance of all his sufferings, so that God would eventually vindicate him. 57:1, I will make my refuge in the shadow of Your wings. When life becomes bizarre only ones relationship with his God calms the soul. (All these notes taken from John MacArthurs Bible commentary.
Isn't He good to keep us focused and trusting Him. What in the world would I do without Him who is my counselor, my guide, my Bride-Groom Lover.

Even though He slay me, yet will I trust Him! Amen and amen. He has proved Himself faithful over and over. I love Him so.

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