Sunday, April 25, 2010

Insecurities and Change

Man, what a powerful time with Beth, family, and friends yesterday. I am so happy my daughter, and daughter in law to be were able to attend. I have not finished her book as yet but I am learning more about my insecurities. God has given me two straight weekends of retreats and instruction. I feel very blessed that He has allowed me to come aside for Him to do new works in me. It was a powerful time of worship (Congratulations to Travis for his Dove Award). I pray I will learn how to deal with my insecurities as the Lord comes in and works on my heart.
Last week He told me to be content with who I am, this week He instructed me to lay down my insecurities. I look forward to new adventures with Him as He continues to make the changes in me He needs to.
I sense there are many changes coming. I know God is changing family relationships and bringing healing, for which I am most grateful. I am not one who normally likes change but I know He means it all for my good. Sometimes we get stagnant with things the way they have always been so He comes in and shakes it up a bit. We might not like it at first but then we can often see that the change was all good. Often times it gives us new freedom.
Just like the change with my computer. It took me about an hour on the phone with the technician today but now I am hooked up to Hi speed and I am sitting in my bed writing tonight. I will be able to go out on my porch now and downstairs in the basement. How cool is that! See I had resisted that change for so long but now that it is hooked up I can get better service all over the house. Loving it.
So I am learning to be more content with other changes in my life. It is not easy but we make our way through and with God's help we are able to "go with the flow" as my husband likes to say. It is much easier to go with the natural flow and direction then to try to swim upstream against it. I am learning to get excited about where the journey with take me.

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