Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Come to the Cleft of the Rock

While away at a women's retreat in the mountains this weekend the Lord spoke to me to come to the cleft of the rock the next morning. On this property there are several meditation spots and one is called, "Cleft of the Rock." So I gathered up my journal and Bible and off I went. I first went to the rock in the middle of the brook cause that is my favorite spot. We only had a short quiet time so the Lord kept wooing me to go to the cleft.
I got a bench and went into the cleft. I read the Exodus 33:22-23 passage and waited on Him to show Himself just like He did to Moses as His glory passed by. I got up to return the bench and as I did I looked and there streaming down from the heavens was the second picture you see with the sun beams bearing down. I stood in amazement that He was giving me a visual picture of His glory right then and there. Just like the dove experience that I have shared with you, this was a visual appearance bright and clear.
Then today while at the office I was reading in the Message translation and what did I see:
"Jesus took Peter and the brothers, James and John, and led them up a high mountain. His appearance changed from the inside out, right before their eyes. Sunlight poured from his face. His clothes were filled with light." Matt. 17:2-3. Wow! I get the chills now just writing it.
Then a friend came in and I was talking to her in our downtown office and my eye was drawn to the picture I just framed and put on my wall. I had the picture for over a year from a prayer conference I went to then. We had been told to pick out a picture on the wall that spoke to our spirit. Mine was of the Bride in Intercession dressed in the most beautiful wedding gown ever, head bent in prayer, just like mine was this Sunday morning in the cleft. I want you to know that the sun rays were shining down on her in that picture just like you see in the picture above.
Can you see why I have goosebumps. He is so amazing. I have been asking Him to allow me to see His glory but man, I didn't expect such a demonstration! He continues to blow me away.


  1. I get goose bumps looking at that picture....It's breathtaking and just to know God gave it to you personally.....WOW.....sunlight rays and doves what more could you ask for........Power and peace.....you've been given two symbols that so reflects Him.......

    Love ya Sis,

  2. May His rays of light show you the way. What a beautiful reminder of how He loves you - better than any mother could, you sweet and precious "child." Love ya, PG Deer

  3. Hi Sandra! I just popped over after being at Nancy"s Potters House blog and seeing your comment. Nancy has become a dear friend to me through blog land. Wow, it sounds like God really spoke to you at the retreat. How wonderful. It is nice to meet you.

    Lee Ann