Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Favor All Day

What a day I had yesterday. My friend Debbie prays for me daily and usually that I would find favor. Well she out did herself yesterday, or should I say God did. Our daughter Mel and Brett, our grandson came over and took Paw Paw out for Father's Day. That was fun in itself.
We came back and talked and shared. She and I decided to go to the nearby furniture consignment store but first we had to take our little dogs out. As I turned to come back in the house I noticed a package at the front door which looked about the size of something I was looking to come. Sure enough it was.
I tore into it and it was an exciting moment for both Mel and I. (I will tell you soon what it was!)
Then we went to the store and Mel found a water fountain she liked and purchased that. I had seen this table and chairs that I liked for the kitchen but the table was too big for my area. Well, wouldn't you know the lady said this butterflies down into the table to make it smaller. Wow! Just what I needed, one to size up or down according to the family needs, so I put it on hold and came home to measure. Perfect!
Now would be the question of whether to spend that much on it. Mel and I decided that the table could be the spring board of the new color I needed to paint the cabinets and the walls, after I tear the wallpaper down. Man, I am getting excited now.
After supper and getting Jimmy off to work I decided to ride to Home Goods store to buy a birthday gift for a friend and ran right in to my dear friend Nancy.
I told her I was praying for her ladies retreat this coming weekend and she said she had almost called me the night before to ask me to come along. Two of the ladies had canceled at the last. I said, "Are you serious?" She said yes, so I am now going to one of my favorite spots for the weekend and couldn't be happier.
Now as many times as I have shopped at that store I have NEVER seen Nancy there so of course we believe it was meant to be!!!!!
Then on the way home my daughter calls and says, "Mom, you better hold on to your pants cause Bryan, her husband has said he wants to buy you that table and chairs. Well, I am speechless and tears start trickling down my cheeks. Now that is favor. It is for my RETIREMENT (Did I tell you I am retiring???) Well I am, so he wanted to help me celebrate it. Now is that just too sweet or what. Made me feel very special and totally loved. So you see I didn't want the day to end. Mel finished our conversation with these words, "Think I'll get off the phone and call Debbie to pray for ME some favor!!! Ha! Look out Debbie, the word is out.

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  1. What a wonderful and encouraging post....I want her to pray for me some favor tooooo......

    I just know God set up our meeting the other day in Home Goods and I am so glad you are coming this weekend.....You always add so much plus alot of fun so I am excited........

    What a day you had....all good........can't wait to see you Friday....

    Love ya,