Monday, June 7, 2010

A Place of Beauty and Rest

We went to Lake James this weekend with some dear friends and had a great time. We did a lot of resting, talking, boating, tubing, and eating! The weather was just perfect and we were able to boat over to a resturant close by and have supper on Friday. We even beat the storm coming back. Thank you Lord!
Then we awoke to a breakfast of waffles and sausage and bacon. Wow, I didn't even have to prepare it. Thanks Frank, what a wonderful host you are. Then we went out tubing and relaxing in the boat. It was as much fun watching the others ride as it was riding.
We watched Blind Side together and fell in the bed late. The good thing was we were able to sleep late. We arose again to the smell of coffee and sausage frying up in the pan. Frank made us sausage gravy and eggs and biscuits. Wow, two mornings in a row. Can't beat that.
We all gathered to watch Charles Stanley as is our custom. He was great as usual but we were concerned because he was sitting down. Seems he hurt his knee. Hope it gets better soon.
We came home to reality as there was laundry to catch up on and floors to mop. Calls to make and emails to attend to. I had several family situations and a call from a young lady who is turning herself in tomorrow. There is a warrant out for her. She has been using crack. She will come to the office tomorrow so be praying as we share with her.
We praise God for His time outs along the way of life. He gave us rest to recharge us and put us back on the frontlines. His sunset was beautiful each evening. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Girlfriend, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend......chang of pace always helps renew our spirits....
    Yesterday, I was sitting on the porch and two dove were just having the best time or at least it looked like he was having a very good time chasing her but she was having no part of his attention....She flew up to the top of birdfeeder and teased him unmerciful...and they just flew around and then would eat off the ground but must have been very tired last night after their big chasing, I wonder if she gave in,hahahahahahahah
    Anyway, I wanted to come inside and get my camera to take a picture for you but just couldn't leave my spot watching them dash around having fun.....I'll try to remember to take it on the porch next time and get you a picture...
    Have a wonderful day
    Hugs and Blessings,

  2. What an image you painted. You are a hoot! She probably had to cause you know what the Word says, her body is his unless they have a season of prayer! Sometimes my season of prayer is Oh, Lord, not tonight! LOL. Yeah, next time get that picture.
    Pray for Sheila's son Josh on June 15th, going to court.
    Pray for Janet who went on the retreat. She came down the mountain to hear her daughter is terminal with recurring cancer. So so sad and hard.