Sunday, June 13, 2010

An evening with Cinderella

Last night I took our grandaughters, Carolyn and Shelbi to see Cinderella in an outdoor theater in Lewisville, N.C. It had stormed just hours before and we were so afraid we were not going to get to go, but it cleared up and was a beautiful evening. We took our chairs and snacks and off we went.
Ashley was in the production and that made it even more special to the girls. We didn't get to get a picture with Cinderella but we got the King and Queen, the Fairy Godmother, and the stepsisters. That was a thrill to the girls but the greatest was taking Ashley home afterwards. They were able to get up in the carriage with her for a last snapshot too. That will have to go in the scrapbook. Ashley did a great job. We love you girl.
Maw Maw

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  1. Oh girl, what precious memories you made last night....they will never forget you doing that with them.....I know you all had glad the rain stopped because he rained hard up here off and on all day yesterday....the creek is roaring....
    Love ya,