Monday, September 26, 2011

The Dead Goose

I meant to get back a couple of days after writing about the injured goose and tell you how Jimmy and I came home not long after to a dead goose right in front of our house. The speed limit is 25 in our little subdivision but people do way more than that. Years ago I watched as a young fellow deliberately ran down some geese crossing in front of him. He and his passengers thought it was funny. If I could have gotten hold of him I would have wrung his neck.
We believe that someone deliberately hit this goose and killed him. No one going the speed limit would have hit him with enough force to kill him; these geese are tough birds. The first thought was that the dead goose was the one who was coming around with the injury. We thought he just wasn't able to get out of the way, but then the next day the injured goose appeared in our yard.
The culprits didn't even have enough decency to move the dead goose from the road so Jimmy got his shovel and moved him into the ditch. Too sad! That could have just as well have been a child. I know the geese can be aggravating, but that is no reason to kill them. I think they mate for life. I know they walk over each spring with their new offspring and you better not get close or that long neck sticks way out with the intend of biting you! Our little dog found that out right quick one day. She doesn't get within neck's reach now you can bet your bottom dollar.
The injured goose is now much better but he continues to come over for special treats in our side yard and drinks from the bird bath. He is no longer afraid that we are coming to shoo him off. I am a sucker for the under.....goose! The other geese still don't have much to do with him so guess he thinks we are his family now. It is all interesting.
I have much respect for God's creation which includes the animal world. I try not to kill anything intentionally unless it might be a mosquito, a snake, a spider, a fly, or a roach. And not even those if they are not in my house. I thought a lot of ugly thoughts about the one who killed the goose. I have to forgive though, right? Oh okay, I will.

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