Friday, January 20, 2012


My friend, Susan and I enjoyed a night at the movie. It was my second time seeing Warhorse, a movie worthy of a second watch. Much like Secretariat, it was about a horse's strength and fortitude to focus on the goal and win the race through lots of obstacles. He eventually returned to his master and owner by the films end. So touching to see him nuzzle up next to the one who truly loved him with all his heart, even enough to let him go at one point.
I always like to look at it from a spiritual standpoint. How strong am I in my resolve to plow through the obstacles and trials of life with my focus on the Lord and Master of my soul? If I get sidetracked do I quickly return my focus on Him or on my circumstances? I must say the longer and closer I walk with Him the least likely I am to get off course.
There was a bond that could not be broken between the young man who raised the horse and the horse himself. It was obvious as the horse loved on him. The horse had learned to recognize his master's voice when he whistled and it actually saved the life of Joey, the horse, in the end. Have you learned to recognize the voice of your Master and respond to it in obedience. It could definitely be your lifesaver today!
If you have not invited the Father in to be your Master, please consider it today. The kingdom of God is at hand. Prepare ye the way! Make a straight path and walk in it.

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  1. Hey friend,
    What a wonderful movie about the love between the owner and the horse...and your analogy is so right on.....Without recognizing the voice of the master, we can't stay on track or close to Him.....

    We never have had our lunch; it's overdue....Miss you....