Friday, April 27, 2012

My Red Water Fountain

While walking the other week I saw this fountain sitting by the road side at a neighbors house during Big Item trash week. I had observed this fountain on the front porch of the home for 2 years. With the way the trucks zoom around picking up items I was afraid it would get gone before I could get back, so I picked it up and carried it all the way home in my hot little hands. I didn't know if the fountain still worked but thought if it didn't it would make a great garden decoration.
To my amazement the fountain did work.  The only thing wrong with it was some pain peeling off on the top so I went to the drawer and pulled out some clear decorative stones and filled it up. Now I was all set.
The first time we had the family over they couldn't believe I got such a cool item which is now stationed on our screened in porch. Our son brought his dog over and she enjoyed slurping water from the fountain each time she went by or getting her tail in the water and giving us all a shower as she wagged it.
I am happy with my find and am just thrilled that I got it without cost.
Aren't we glad we can drink from the Living Water of life without cost?  The Father provides it for our nourishment and for our pure pleasure.  I slurped it up every chance I get. Every time I look at the fountain bubbling up I think of His Living Water that is available to us if we will just partake.

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