Sunday, March 29, 2009

Praise the Lord for working in the heart of the prodigals

I praise the Lord for what He is doing in the hearts of His prodigals. Our son has attended church the past three Sundays without prompting from anyone. You say, what is so amazing about that? Our son has long been in rebellion as he walked away from the Lord. There have been so many folks praying for him in all areas of the country. The Lord is changing his heart and mind and I just want to stand up and praise the Father for what He is doing in his life. This is a small step but one that I have longed for for years. I am reminded of Joel 2 where it talks about the Lord restoring what the locusts has taken. I am looking for that restoration and I pray if you have had the heartache of a wayward child you will be able to see them coming home from the enemies camp one day soon. I join you in praying for that.

This afternoon I talked to a Mother I had met with last week and her son had gone to church today with one of the young men who had been a prodigal himself in the past. What a praise to our LORD who hears our prayers. He gave me the promise years ago from Jeremiah 31 that he would bring our son home from the enemies territory. It is a promise that I have clung to over the years, never doubting He could but questioning at times His timing! As Henry Blackaby prayed with this Mother years ago this prayer, "Lord, help this Mother to never give up!" , I pray that for you in your situation.

I want to leave you with this blessing today from Sylvia Gunter and Arthur Burk's book: Blessing your Spirit.

"I bless you with growing stronger and more persuaded by the power of your faith that brings glory to God. I bless you with being fully satisfied that God is keeping His word to you, no matter how long it takes or how contrary your circumstances might look. I bless you with being fully assured that God is able to keep his word. I bless you with being strengthened in faith by Jesus the suthor and finisher of your faith. ____________, I bless you with faith that has been tested and proved genuine. I bless you with seeing the joy on the other side of all kinds of trials. I bless you with faith that is strong and pure like gold. I bless you with knowing how precious your faith is to God, more precious than gold.

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