Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dinner with the Girls

Last Thursday night my co-workers took me out to dinner. I had to work late hours that day, so when I walked in most were already there. I saw a former friend who now works at Baptist first. It was good to see her and nice to know she thought enough of me to come back to join us.
There were plently of nurses from my department and several from the admitting department and the Preop area. We had a blast. I apologized to a couple as they left in hopes they would forgive the noise we were making.
We had a nice dinner and reminised about the years we had worked together. There have been so many changes, some good, some we didn't perceive as good but we always made the best of it. There are young nurses coming in to take the place of those going out. It is hard to believe that I am at the age to retire, I don't FEEL any older than them!! (Most days that is).
This Thursday we will celebrate together with a reception in the board room. I have been to many others and it is surreal that it is now my turn. I look forward to speaking to each one who comes. My family will also be there with me....grandkids and all. I will miss Medical Park Hospital. It has been the best place in the world to work as evident in the fact I have been there 24 years. It has never been hard to tell patients that they would recieve the best care there, cause it is the truth. I can sell anything I really believe in!
I have been so excited because it has been my passion to do ministry full=time. So as I was handed my packet last week I was surprised that I busted out in tears. Now where did that come from? It is hard to invest that much time in a place, meeting the needs of thousands of patients, working side by side with my co-workers, and the Dr.'s and not have a little sense of loss, right?
God seems to be turning the page of my life right now and I can't wait to see what it looks like. I sense that is not only my time to go but His calling me away to do His bidding till He takes me home. Some have asked, "What are you going to do?" Whatever He tells me to do!!!!
First off I think He is saying, Sandra, Why don't you clean up that filthy house before you do anything else. So that is the plan for next week. Clean, pitch out, wash windows, paint, tear down wallpaper, pitch some more then.......Wherever He leads I will follow!!!! Mind you I DON"T have to do those things first Lord, I CAN leave them and continue to follow YOU! Much more my pleasure to do so.
Hope to blog and write more often. So will see you soon.

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  1. Congratulations on this big leap of faith to the next stepping stone in your life.
    And congratulations on giving yourself to the service of God more fully.