Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a privilege it was to attend the graduation of Rushan Fernando last evening. I have known this family for four years as we have ministered to them in the absence of their husband and father who is incarcerated. I had received an invitation in the mail and had already made arrangements to attend. Then in the mail came the sweetest letter from the father who was grieved that he would not be there to see his son walk across that stage. He was writing, not only to thank me for going, but to ask the favor of some pictures of the event.
So it is with pride that I became like a sardine in a tin can amongst the crowd that pushed their way into the auditorium to see their own friend or family member walk up to receive their diploma. A small price to pay for the look of thankfulness on the face's of the family as I arrived.
The family were very brave to celebrate the event without one grumble or complaint cause Dad wasn't there. Afterwards I took them to dinner at the restaurant of Rushan's choosing. They thanked me over and over for coming. They don't know but it was more of a blessing to me to be a stand in family member for their Dad. I know he was thinking at the time of the ceremony how much he wanted to be there. My part was to love on his family and to provide him a little taste of it through pictures that I will send to he and his family in the days to come.
God let's me get in on those blessings each time I minister to someone. What a blessing to be able to sit with this little family in celebration of a young man who came to an important milestone in his life despite adversity and trial. It has been a long hard four years but he did it. We are so proud of him.

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  1. Oh how wonderful to be able to sit in for his dad......I am sure he will cherish the pictures you will send him forever.......You know you just can't outgive God can you......You were obedient to love on others and God blessed you abundantly.....and I am sure will keep on......

    You are a blessing to so many people, many you don't even know about....God has given you the gifts of mercy and compassion to meet people where they are and to be used for God's glory every where you go......

    Love ya my friend.....