Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Give us rest tonight Lord.

I hate what Satan does to deceive young people! He wants to steal, kill, and destroy not only them but their families. He gets them in his stronghold and then makes them think that is the only way they can live. I remember my son talking about when he was using nothing else mattered, not his children, not his family; just the next hit. He might come to his senses once he was taken away from his drug of choice through imprisonment, but he usually went right back to it on his release.
I correspond with a mother in California whose son is using. He was imprisoned for a while and just got out and has already gone back to his substances and spent all his money that he had saved before he went in.
As Mom's, we don't understand that logic. We have had a sweet time of communication with our child while they were behind bars, and we hoped and prayed everyday that this would be the time. This time of reflecting would surely be the time they would wake up to how they are destroying themselves; their bodies, their minds. But once again round and round we go. We want it to stop! We want to fly away and be at rest; like the dove in Psalm 55:6. We are desperate to see change. We are frightened by the next call, the next ring of the doorbell. Will it be our lost sheep or will it be the police with another horror story about our precious one.
Oh Lord, help us to be able to release that one to you. We want to Lord but it seems we take it back over and over. Help us Lord to get out of your way and let you work. Help us to release everything to you Father.
Please be with my friends Jenine, Diane, Shirley, them sleep well tonight Lord. Please!

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