Monday, July 4, 2011

The Lost Billfold

My husband and I decided to take in a movie Saturday night so we ate a bite and got cleaned up to go. I noticed my husband was frantically looking for something. He eventually told me he had misplaced his billfold. Well, that was enough to get us both frantic with the thought of credit cards, insurance cards, and money possibly in the hands of someone else. We looked over and over in the same places hoping that it would finally show up, but even after an was no where to be found.
After praying to find it I decided to go back over to a spot that he sometimes leaves it. I saw some dollar bills, but no billfold. In my spirit I heard a voice say, "look down and move the filters"that were beside the cabinet. I obeyed and there was the billfold. It had fallen off the cabinet. We might never have found it till we moved. LOL!
What a relief and a peace was felt by both of us when the billfold was found. We missed the movie but it didn't matter, we had found the lost billfold.
It made me think about the lost coin in the Bible. Jesus spoke again by parable, "What woman is there," he said, "having ten pieces of silver who, if she loses one, does not light a candle and sweep the house, seeking diligently until she finds it? And when she has found it, she calls her friends and her neighbors together saying: 'Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece of silver which I had lost!' There is joy like that among the angels of God," said Jesus, turning to the Pharisees who were listening, "over one sinner who repents!"
Our candle was the largest flashlight we could find. We were shining it in every corner, under the bed, behind the furniture, anywhere to be able to find the lost billfold. We didn't call all the neighbors but they just might have heard us shouting with joy!
What if we were that frantic to search for those we know who are lost. Actually there is way more at stake than some dollar bills. After the way we rejoiced I am just wondering what a celebration it is when the angels all rejoice over the lost soul who comes to a moment of repentance.
At our support group the other week we had one of those lost souls come to know Him in a personal way. We were so excited! Wouldn't it have been nice to have heard the rejoicing of the multitudes of angels along with the Father. One day we will have that privilege. What a glorious day that will be. In the meantime, let's be searching everywhere for a lost soul. Lord give us a heart for the lost!

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  1. What a wonderful analogy.....I think God puts these circumstances in our lives so that we can see His power but also to make points and remind us of what He thinks is important.......

    I am so glad that you found the wallet even if you did miss the movie....

    I love your just keep adding new books.....