Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Happy Campers

Well since I can't seem to get the recent pictures downloaded I posted one from a year ago! Shelbi and Izzy went to camp last week and returned yesterday. They hated leaving their friends but were very glad to be in the air conditioning! I wonder if they will appreciate it more now.
They sang a couple of new songs they had learned and went on and on about the things that had happened. It was refreshing to know that they had connected with other Christian friends and had bonded, if just for the week, cause they won't see some of them till next year probably. They were all hugging on each other before they left. Course they talked about some cute boys.
The complaints: No air, bugs (Izzy even woke up to a daddy long legs on her), sunburned, and feeling hot and dirty. Izzy set some sort of record for jumping off the highest tower into the water (she has a little Mama in her) but she was sporting a huge bruise on her leg from the landing. I don't really think she will try that again....lots of pain!
But even with all that said, they were planning for what they were gonna do next year when they that's a good sign.
I am so grateful that they are having the opportunities to learn and share with other's about the love of Christ. It makes all the effort spent very worthwhile. It totally gives me pleasure!
I am praying that they will grow to serve the Lord in ways they can't even imagine just like I saw them doing at our outreach the other week. They ministered to the kids who came by loving on them, helping them with crafts, and face-painting. The kids cried when it was time to leave. God is molding them into beautiful vessels to be poured out for Him. Isn't that what it is all about. Praise is exciting to see Him work in them.

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