Monday, July 11, 2011

A Day of Blessings!

My friend, Debbie, text-ed me to see if I wanted to go visit another church that day. The pastor of the church is coming to speak at our Celebration Dinner in September and we wanted to meet him personally. Here are the blessings we experienced yesterday:
  • We were standing to go in the sanctuary when I looked around and there no more than 6 feet away was the pastor, shaking hands. We had an excellent opportunity to speak with him.
  • As I read through the bulletin I read that they were having a luncheon opportunity after the service to inform you of the church and to hear from the pastor and his wife. We believed that was an invitation for us, so we decided to stay.
  • They announced that if you were a first time visitor, and we were, that you could take your visitors card to the desk and receive one of the pastor's books. It was the book he wrote that first led me to invite him to speak to our group. It is Shame Off You and we certainly experience shame as families of OWLAD.
  • We ran into two old friends and who knows how God will work to connect us in the future!
  • The pastor had a great message on letting go. That we are not in control. I needed that reminder once again!
  • Then last night about 10:15 I had a call from a friend of our son's. He had accepted Christ 2 years ago as I led him to pray. He had had some major life changes in the past months and was addicted to pills. He had recently sought help. He was calling to tell me how God had been working since that time. That he had been reading the Word and how God was changing his heart.
Now was that a blessed day or what? God knew I needed those blessings as encouragement in what we do. Hope you have a blessed day yourself. I encourage you to look for them and then praise Him when they come.


  1. his blessings are really all around us all the time if we look aren't they...

    i am trying to be more intentional about acknowledging them. more thankful for each breath he gives me...i take far too much for granted.

    grace and peace

  2. You are right Mary. I think God just had to put it in my face that day to remind me of all His blessings. He gives them each day, I just often don't see them. Hope you are doing good. I need to get to your site. Where does the time go?