Saturday, July 16, 2011

On Wings of Healing Outreach!

Many ask, what does prodigal mean? A prodigal is anyone who has ever walked away from Abba Father's plan and purpose for their lives. We have all been prodigals, we just might not have walked away as far as the prodigal son did in the story Jesus shared.
All in our On Wings of Healing Support Group have walked a journey of drugs, alcohol abuse, prostitution, lesbianism, etc. Many have experienced a time of incarceration. They come each week to seek the support they need to continue their walk of freedom from Satan's strongholds.
We had an outreach the other night to the prodigals and their families. I was amazed how each one of them gave of themselves that night in service to our Lord. They served food, loved on those who came, gave testimony of how God brought them out, sang praises to the One who set them free, and assisted with cleanup. I love each one of them and how I see the love of Christ in their lives and hearts. What a blessing they are to me. They have taught me so much about what real love is.
Many children came to our event and one little boy cried because he had to leave. WOW! They made bracelets that told them the gospel story and bookmarks with the name of Jesus on them. Hopefully they will remember the day fondly and I pray that seed that God planted that day will be watered and grow in the future.
The numbers were not as much as last year, but the Spirit......oh was it present! His work was accomplished whether with a hug, a cup of water in His name, quality time spent, in the testimonies or songs. I am confident that we did what He wanted as we reached out in love. Praise Him.

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  1. Oh my friend, how wonderful when you see the results of God's love being out and people respond......His Spirit is amazing and one is never the same once you have experienced His touch...........

    You have proven that when you surrender your time and efforts to His will, He will show up and He will act.....

    Love you girlfriend,