Monday, March 26, 2012

A Fun Day

On Wings Like a Dove was privileged to join the D.A.W.G. ministry in reaching kids with the story of Easter yesterday. Melanie presented the story through a presentation with plastic eggs. The kids listened attentively and answered questions correctly. They played games and won prizes. It was great to see the kids paying attention and learning the story of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. Melanie is a great teacher and her love to these kids shows forth.
At the beginning of the program a neighbor came over to protest the music. Mind you there wasn't much music going on at the time. She didn't seem to want to be disturbed even though the kids were gathering and eager to hear the story of Jesus. We noted that the lady seemed to be dressed in her Sunday best and was concerned about the message the children were receiving but she did not offer to stay and help. It reminded me of the Pharisees who were dressed appropriately and followed the Law but did not reach out in love, but in judgement.
God did an amazing work in the hearts of these little ones despite the opposition. You can expect it can't you? Melanie has a great heart for these kids and her love for them shows. It was a pleasure to stand with her in outreach to these little ones.
We were able to offer Easter baskets at the end for the children thanks to the Calvary Bring it in and the women's bible study class from Center Grove Baptist Church. Pat, Barbara, and Deana also assisted putting the baskets together. Thank you was a blessing to see the children receive.
Another thing: My granddaughters went to assist with the singing and the Easter egg hunt and the giving of the baskets. They were also learning how to give rather than to receive. Now that was worth it all.

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  1. It stil surprises me that someone would act in this way....I am so thankful thought that our Father protected and provided a way for you all to continue loving on these children and giving them the best message they will ever hear.....God Bless you all....,I haven't forgotten about the money I promised you, I will get to you....