Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Lord Almighty is with us!

Last Friday I was at work when I received a call from Jimmy that my Dad had had a heart attack. He has not had any heart problems before so it was quite a shock to us all. My Dad has always been a model to all who know him, but no more so than to his daughter. I began immediately to cry out to the Lord for His protection. I walked to the nurses office and told the team leader that I had to leave.
I walked as fast as I could to the ED department all the way to the other end of Forsyth Medical Center.  I walked up to the desk, got my little sticker and walked into the ED to see my Dad laying on a stretcher in the hallway watching me walk towards him. He said the Dr. said he had had a mild heart attack and his enzymes were out of whack. They planned to keep him over the weekend and do a heart cath on Monday.
We stayed there all evening with him. The next morning God took me to Psalm 64. In that passage the thing that stood out to me was The Lord is with us!  That was written twice in that passage and I decided to repeat that over and over throughout our time at the hospital.
My Dad witnessed to everyone who entered the doors.  God was certainly glorified.  On Monday they did a heart cath and found one main artery 95% blocked and put a stent in place. What a blessing it was as we watched God working. I am not ready to let my Dad go...although I know he is ready to go.....but I am wise enough to pray God's will not my own. I am just grateful that I have him a little longer. I would miss seeing those emails and having him answer the phone in that reassuring voice. Thank you for your prayers on his behalf. He is an awesome man of God and apparently he has work left to do on this earth. Praise God is is back home and doing well.  I love him so! It was a great family bonding time as we had time to laugh, cry and share. It was a special time.


  1. Sandra, what a scary time but just like your Father taught you, you leaned on your heavenly Father to get through a tough situation. What a blessing and example your dad has been to you and so many others and I am so glad he has more to do on this earth.

    You are a wonderful example of a loving daughter to both your heavenly and earthly fathers...always pointing the way to the God who created us all...

    Hugs and blessings,

  2. just opened my email glad your dad is ok and home. I lost my dad in january of this year and i miss him terribly so hug your dad and tell him you love hime every chance you get.
    sandy robertson