Thursday, June 7, 2012

An interesting God Encounter yesterday

I had to work yesterday and of all things be at work at 5:45 am.  Now for a retired woman that is way too early, but the good thing is I got off at 2:15.  It was raining and as I pulled out of our driveway I was thinking...I should have gotten my chap stick out of the trunk before pulling out of the garage.  So....I decided I would stop under the shelter of BP to get it out.  I was all set to turn in, cause they don't open that early, when I spied a sheriff's car there.
I decided to nix that idea and pull into Kangaroo which had several people there with all the lights shining brightly. I got out, got my chap stick and got back in the car.  As I shifted into drive I noticed a man at my window.  He needed money for gas to get home.  Now mind you I have often been approached in that manner but this time was different.  I had a peace and decided to get out, go to my trunk where my purse was and was about to reach for a 5 dollar bill when I was immediately impressed to give him a 20 dollar bill.  Now that was a God thing because I have never done that before. 
I had just spoken to someone the day before about being instantly obedient to God.  Was this a test for me?  I am not sure, but I am glad I was obedient to the Father.  Made my day a lot better.  I will never know the whole story of that young man but I am grateful I was prepared to give as God directed me to.  Thinking about it later it seemed surreal.  He could have gotten into my car and driven off when I got out, or grabbed my purse....a lot of things could have happened.  I explained to him how I had only stopped to get my chap stick, and apparently God had orchestrated the whole situation. I can't explain what peace I had through the whole scenario but I pray to the Father that I passed the test.

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