Monday, April 13, 2009


The song we sang yesterday at church keeps ringing in my ears and coming off my tongue, Celebrate, Celebrate, the resurrection power of our Lord!! We went to church with our daughter Melissa and her family and it was a great service with lots of praise. At one point Melissa and I just hugged each other with tears of joy running down our cheeks. Our Lord is so awesome, that He would give His precious life for such a worm as I amazes me each time I think of it.

We had a blast hiding easter eggs with our grandson, Brett, and then letting him hide them from Papa and Daddy (20 in one spot but that's ok, that made it easier for those old bones leaning down to pick them up!)

I just reveled in the fact that we were all together, my Mother and Dad, our son Rob and his fiancee, Mel and Bryan, Brett and Bryan's Mother. Our other 3 grandchildren were at the beach with their other grandmother. They were sorely missed.

I and my dear friend Debbie are going to a prayer retreat on Weds. and we recieved an email not to be surprised if we experienced warfare with our families, our jobs, our health, tiredness, etc. You've read that we were working with a new computer we were 12 patients behind at one point. Now if you don't think that is pressure! People get mad you know. I kept praying, Lord just get me through these next 2 days.

I look so forward to our retreat and being in the presence of the Lord in new and exciting ways. I pray He will continue to teach me.

I hope your easter was all you hoped it would be as you celebrated with family and your church family. I pray you understand what the celebration is all about and that you are living in the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ who is alive and seated at the right hand of the Father, interceding for you and me. What an amazing thought.


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