Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Girls

What a weekend! My grandaughters are now offically 9. They had all sorts of celebrations. It all began with cupcakes at school, 50 of them. They are in separate classes. Two of everything you know. Gets rather expensive but they felt special and had a blast and that is what it is about right? Then they did the Chuckie Cheese thing with Mom and Dad and came to Mama and Papa's and had another party on Sunday with our family. Now that is the way to do it, string it out as long as you can.

Then came the dreaded first day of the new computer system at work. It went surprising well and I guess it is true that an old dog can learn new tricks. Whew. Feels like something in my head is expanding---could it be sawdust?

I ran across something pretty amazing in my reading. If you have never read any of Sylvia Gunters writings and prayers you must. I want to quote her from her "You are Blessed" book. I found this enlightening: "Years ago I heard Graham Cooke teach, "Take a step back into your spirit, and ask God what he sees, how he wants you to respond. This changes my observations of people and events around me. When God leads my spirit to respond to the spirit of others, I may see that their spirit is trapped in a dysfunctional arrangement of the soul being large and in charge. This allows me to bless the perfect work that the Holy Spirit wants to do in their spirit from his residence in them, even while I may suffer the consequences of the immaturity or carnality of their soul. The spirit of another person is not my enemy. Their spirit is made in the image of God, but their soul has been well-fed and catered to, and he may be dominating from his heavy-weight postion."

If we could past our soulish reaction to folks and allow our spirit to meet God's Spirit we might do more praying for and less talking about the issues our flesh sees that are wrong with them. Hope God spoke to you through that paragraph.

I try to go downtown to our office on Tuesdays and spend the day working, catching up and preparing for the newsletters and board meetings and correspondence. I don't usually have a lot of visitors but get a lot of work done. I could just spend hours there. On Wings Like a Dove is a ministry that reaches out to families of prodigals/prisoners. I spend many hours working on the ministry but I have such a passion to help those hurting folks that it not a burden, work on the other hand...............I really do pray that one day the Lord will allow me to minister on a fulltime basis. That is in His hands and His timing.

Yesterday I had a mother and her son come in to visit after their visit to the Tasc drug check office in our building. We have been praying for this son for a little while and it was neat to meet him and talk and allow the Lord to show me some things. He is definitely struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Will you pray for him, his name is Joshua. Pray for his parents to have wisdom.

Monday night I met with a couple of Mothers to catch up on their son's and the struggles they continue to have. One Mother stated she had given up hope. I know she hasn't given up hope in the Lord, but has lost hope that things will ever get better with her son and his lifestyle. I understand that sense of hopelessness. When that happened to me I put my nose in God's Word and drew my very breath from those passages. It is good to allow God to take you where He will and to write down the promises in His Word. Put them on an index card and keep them close to draw on when the enemy seems to take over your mind and thoughts. Ask for the mind of Christ in your situation. If you are reading this and have a word for this Mother please submit it to us.

We march on as His soldiers.

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