Thursday, April 2, 2009

One hundred years old

I had the privelege of interviewing a lady today who was celebrating her 100th birthday today. We have to ask our patients to spell their names and give us their birthdate as a way of identification and I looked down and saw her birthday was 4/2/09. 1909 mind you!!!! She was sharp as a tack and still lives alone, cooks and gardens. She had a 67 year old son with her. Imagine that. I told her I hoped I looked as good as her if the Lord allowed me to live that long. I just couldn't allow her to leave without some sort of celebration, so I called down and got her a piece of chocolate cake. Now that has to make anyone's day, right.

I have pondered that age all afternoon as I calculated 40 more years and i can tell you with the way my joints are feeling on this rainy day I am not sure I would make it as well as she has. I thought about the changes I might see in the next 40 years. I can't imagine, can you? The verse, "the body is decaying" is more evident each day. Hopefully, my mind is being renewed, but there again........

We are learning a new computer program at work and I feel like my brain is on overload. It will start Monday so pray I can grasp it! We have a fellow nurse who will be retiring in June.....I am envious.

Our little four year old grandson, Brett and his Mom, Mel went to pick PaPa up this afternoon from a procedure. He was so concerned over how Papa was. I came home and he said, "something is very wrong with PaPa, he can't drive." So cute. Couldn't you just eat them up? He wanted to stay with us but Mom drug him to the car kicking and screaming. We reasurred him that we would see him tomorrow. We are going to our twin grandaughters birthday party at their school tomorrow. They will be nine tomorrow. Unbelieveable!

Now what do you do with the cake when one sister likes HS musical and the other Hannah Montana? You put HS musical on one end and Hannah on the other and pray they will be happy. I have to buy two of everything. Didn't want to buy two cakes!!!!
Next month their brother will be one! Isn't it fun?

Well the old gray mare is sinking and I need to rest up for tomorrow sooooooooooooo, good night.

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