Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hope on the Inside

Can you believe that half the year is about gone? Is it my age or is time really speeding along? There is much work to be done for the Lord, and when you see how fast your brief life is and how fast the time is flying, you understand the urgency of the hour to get the message of Christ out to all who will hear and that is just what we did this past weekend. It was amazing!

I was involved in an outreach to area prisoners this past weekend called, Hope on the Inside. It was sponsored by Forsyth Prison/Jail ministry. What an awesome experience as we saw 80 inmates pray to recive Christ.

Our topic was forgiveness of God, others, and themselves. There were 60 men in our unit and we sang, prayed and gave our personal testimonies. Please pray for these men to grow in their new faith. They don't have as many oportunities to recieve discipleship one on one as we do. The chaplains will followup with these men, but there are only 3-4 of them to 80 who made decisions.

What a privelege to go in to share the Truth of God with these men. Some have never heard but I guarantee they did that day. Pray for their families as they visit and grieve over the location of their son, daughter, spouse or father, mother, or some other loved one. It is so hard to leave your loved one behind the prison bars. The clang of the bars is unnerving.

On Wings Like a Dove is having an outreach July 16th for the children of the inmate. Pray we will make a difference in the lives of each family member who attends.


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