Tuesday, May 26, 2009


About 3-4 years ago I met a lady who does wonderful water color prints. I started then to talk to her about the possibility of painting a dove. She said she would need photos of doves that would not have any copyrights on them. I started praying about how we could get something like that. Along came a lady who did photography and she investigated someone who might have doves for weddings and funerals. Eventually we got it worked out to go and photograph. What a great day it was to see over a hundred white pidgeons released. Then we got out the doves and photographed them. Wellllllllll eventually we got the pictures to the artist and she has recently released her picture. You can find it at susancrouch.com. Click on Newsletter and schbang there is the picture of the doves. She is offering the prints now and if you purchase them ONLINE On Wings Like a Dove ministry gets 50% of the proceeds. The print is called "Released". God is so good to bring this about in His timing. It will help us to be able to minister to our families. We thank Susan so much for her support. What a giving lady. Check it out!


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