Saturday, May 16, 2009

Home again

We always look so forward to our time away from work, especially if we have special plans. Our expectations are always high and there begins to come a sense of relaxation when you are finally all packed and set to go. Many times the plans go as we anticipated, but we are often shot curves along the way. As we know life has lots of turns and twist which can cause us to stop in our tracks completely (giving up) or learn to go around (perservering)knowing God is in our circumstances and will see us through to the end.

We just returned from our trip to the beach and we had such a great time visiting old friends and then spending some alone time together. I wanted to stay another night but Jimmy said no because he knew he must mow before he started back to work on friday. We often return to unsettled circumstances, often with our son. This time he did great but we came back to find our little dog, Domino, was not eating or taking her treats. We were glad we had come on back home to get her the care she needed. If you know Domino, when she doesn't take treats, we know she is not well.

I took her to the Vet the next day and the news was worse than expected. Her own body is destroying her red cells. She has some sorta autoimmune disorder and is on high doses of prednisone. She has improved each day and is back to eating and taking her treats but her blood count has not improved. I said Lord, "Why in the world do we have to come back to this heartache, after all she is like family." My heart greives when I think we might lose her at age five! She IS part of the family.

I was reading in my Blessing Your Spirit book by Sylvia Gunter and Arthur Burk:

" I bless you, Sandra, with the perspective of your Father who knows the end from the beginning. I bless you with not magnifying the presence of enemies or trials or problems to seem bigger than the Sovereign Lord of the universe. I bless you with gazing at your Father and glancing at your problems. I bless you with knowing that your Father is available to help you at all times with all that you need. I bless you with a river of peace flowing over you and permeating everything you are and everything you do. I bless you with a river of peace that flows out from your spirit and washes over those around you. I bless you with the smile of your Father whispering to your heart and spirit, "Your peace based in your trust in me pleases me very much." I bless you in the name of Jesus, your Jehovah-Shalom, Amen.

I want to be found gazing at my Father and glancing at my problems! Thank you Lord for that reminder. Revive my spirit Lord and do in me what You will. It is good to be back home, no matter the trials you might face. We can do anything in the power and strength of our Lord and as a family. I praise Him for the family I am blessed to have. I have so much to be grateful for.


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