Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bride in Intercession

I wanted you to see the bride in intercession I shared before in the cleft of the rock blog. This is hanging in my office downtown. This is what I saw as I looked over the head of the friend I was talking to.
I have prayed for years that Christ would see me just like this bride, dressed in white as beautiful as this one is. I believe He showed me through all this that that is exactly His viewpoint. He is so amazing.



  1. This picture just takes my breathe beautiful...and so are you.....
    Love you,

  2. Who is the artist fo you have a link to them? This picture sums up my ministry. thanks for sharing

  3. Is there anywhere that I can get this poster?

  4. I had this poster years ago, but it got damaged in a move of mine. I've been looking for it ever since because it meant so much to me. Do you know where or how to get one?