Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Prodigal Chapel

While at the Cove someone mentioned that there was a Prodigal Chapel in Montreat with a Frescoe of the Prodigal Son. Well you know I just had to stop by to see the picture and take a picture. There was great significance in each character and each scene. The lady who toured us pointed out a dove in the eaves of the building. Wow!
I just had to share the picture with you. I was amazed that a previous pastor who was sitting with me one day at the Cove asked me what prodigal meant. Guess I take for granted that everyone knows the story,especially a pastor. I told her a prodigal was anyone who has walked away from God's plan and purpose for their life. She said, "Oh."
Praise God the Father waits with open arms to recieve us when we return. Pray for all the prodigal's we minister to and for each family member.


  1. This is amazing...I never knew it was there....I sure would like to see it in person......
    I am so glad someone told you about it....

  2. i love the parable of the prodigal son and what is interesting to me is that although prodigal means something like "lavish" or "wastefully extravagant" and usually refers to how the son wasted his inheritance, I also read somewhere that it can also refer to how the father loved his son so lavishly and that HE was wastefully extravagant. And so, we can have faith that the Father, who loves so lavishly, is faithful to hear our prayers for those who have gone astray.