Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gift Wrapping

I love cats, but never more than at gift wrapping time. (I couldn't resist letting you see mine in the act).My cats have always loved to help wrap the gifts. They walk on and lay down on my gift wrapping paper, roll in the tissue paper, and chew on the bows. They also like to lay in the boxes.
Ming is not suppose to go in the living room but he jumps over the gate and investigates the tree. When he comes out he has tree needles on his back and takes them everywhere in the house.
He also drinks the water, especially right after I put some in, like he doesn't have water in his bowl. They say people live 5 years longer who have animals. They are stress relievers most days.
We have a neighborhood cat who has come here since he was a kitten. I can't resist leaving him food and when it is really cold he comes in the garage to sleep. He thinks he owns the place and when we drive up he comes running just a talking to us, like where have you been. Both the cats are male but amazing are the best of friends. No fighting! Ming never goes out and Skittles never comes in they just talk to each other through the door or the screened in porch.

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