Monday, January 10, 2011

Waiting on the Snow

We have a winter advisory once again for today and tomorrow. After my quiet time this morning, I thought maybe I could get a walk in before it started. I looked out the window and there were snowflakes already coming down. The temperature was 34 degrees, so when it starts we know it will stick on the ground.
I donned my layered clothing, my head covering, gloves and my husbands big coat. Off I went. It was kinda neat to see the snow flakes falling all around me. I seemed to be out all alone save a lost minature pincher (who ran scared when I tried to call him) and the wild birds looking for food.
By the time I got home I was really sorta warm from the clothing and the walking. I am glad I went when I did. I was also grateful to have a warm shower to get into afterwards. My face and legs were blood red and took some time to return to normal. It was rather invigorating to be outside. Neighbors were out putting out salt and moving cars at the end of their driveways in preparation for the weather to come.
I am now curled up in my study getting some projects accomplished while the snow begins to increase in it's intensity. I have a fresh brewed cup of coffee on the table beside me and my little faithful dog at my feet. Life is good!
I am beginning a Precept's Bible Study which was to meet tonight but I got a feeling it will be canceled. I have most of my homework done but need to put some finishing touches on it. Guess I will have more time to do that than I thought.
I am thinking about my little co-workers who will be out in this weather trying to get to work. I have had to travel many a day on snow and ice. As a nurse if we were scheduled to work no excuses were came to work regardless. I remember the nights I spent in either the hotel near by or my time in a hospital bed in order to be at my post come clock in time. One advantage was you didn't have to get up as early since you were down the hall from your work station. Hopefully the snow and ice will be outta here by the time I go to work this week.
Who knows, I may just curl up and take a nap. My husband is sleeping after his night at work. All is quiet. Sounds like the perfect opportunity! You all stay safe.

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