Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brett's Day

Well I had it all planned to upload Brett's seventh Birthday picture but I left my camera in the bag that went home with my this is about 2 years ago. We all had a blast at Brett's house with a celebration of just family. His desires have changed a bit in the way of gifts.....from play dough to DS games and Star Wars Lego's. He got three Lego sets and don't you know he can put them together by himself. Amazing.
I told him how we had waited for him seven years ago to be born. What a privilege to be there as he entered the world. Now that was a gift that I will never forget! He had a great time of playing with his three cousins, but the most fun is when he decided to throw the first tissue paper ball and then it was on. There were tissue balls flying all over the place as everyone pretty much got bombarded with them....for quite a long time. There was much laughter and NOISE! Don't you just love it. We were referred to as children......but isn't it fun to act like children occasionally. It will be a day of fond memories as the days move along.
I am feeling very privileged to have two wonderful children, two wonderful son and daughter in laws, two parents, a Grandma for my grandchildren to feel loved by, and a husband who made the effort to get up early from his sleep and come to join in the fun before heading off to work.

Thank you Father for my family and help me to always remember to cherish each one and enjoy the moment! You have done such a work in all of us and it is amazing to watch. Like someone told me recently...."God will turn your mourning into morning". Well I believe my morning has come. You were so true to your promise to me years ago......"I will bring your children home from the enemies camp." Thank You Lord....I love You with all my heart, soul, and mind. Amen.

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