Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

It has been a filled day at the office, to the grocery store, home to cook, see my husband of forty-two years off to work and then drive back down to the office for board meeting tonight. It is not at all the normal anniversary celebration. We normally go somewhere special, like the Chop House to have dinner and then maybe on to see a movie but after forty-two years we find ourselves apart on this special day.
My husband works a lot of nights and this was his night to work.....so I have time to write...here all by myself. One good thought is that it should be the last year that we will be apart due to work. He plans to retire from his night work in November so... Lord willing next year this time we will once again be together. I guess one year of sacrifice is not so bad out of forty-two years huh?
Never fear though....we will celebrate tomorrow night cause we don't miss opportunities to celebrate! And forty-two is something to celebrate don't you think? In eight more years you can all come to our fitieth celebration....there again....Lord willing. So unbelieveable! I remember throwing fifty year anniversaries for our parents.....wasn't that a couple of years ago? Man how time flies. Enjoy the years together folks....cause it passes way too quickly. You will look around and wonder where the time went. Spend it well. Learn each other's love language and show love the way they enjoy. Thank you Gary for teaching us that concept.
I knew I was in love with Jimmy on the second date and I still am.....I still am! If you haven't made it to forty-two...hang in there. It is worth it.

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  1. Oh girl you are so right....we're celebrating 42 as well.....and it's been all worth it.....Jimmy's retiring in Nov....that's great news.....I know both of you will be glad for that......I am happy for you....

    God takes all the mishaps and mistakes of our marriages and makes a beautiful tapestry....I am so thankful for his faithfulness to not give up on us......

    Have you heard anything about the day retreat?

    Love you girlfriend..