Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sing a New Song; His Banner over you is LOVE.

Our Summer Retreat at Apple Hill was truly amazing.  God had prepared for us to meet for months at this very special place.  He wanted us to come and worship Him.  Our theme was Sing a New Song for His banner over you is LOVE.  He certainly showed His love for us as Randy and Merry sang, accompanied by Merry's husband.  It was a beautiful time as we listened to them share their hearts in worship and joined in with them at times.
What a glorious place filled with God's presence all over the property.  Little Ms Cathy is about the only one who saw the sun rise but she loved it and told us all about it.  We saw the deer and the horses and of course plenty of doves!!!!  We even made our way up to the prayer mountain the first morning before the heat got so bad.  Everyone was a trooper as we kept saying to ourselves, "get back up and take the next step, take the next step". We might have gotten there huffing and puffing but we made it.

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