Sunday, July 22, 2012

Singing a New Song of Praise

I must share with you briefly what has occurred since you folks have prayed so long for our son, Rob.  Last week he called to say that he wanted to know the bible better but he had a hard time retaining it so would I send him a verse everyday.  So of course I was thrilled to do so.  He had recently given up something and made a vow to God which of course Mom had prayed for for quite some time.  He said he was ready for God to show him his purpose in life.  WOW!!
He tried to get me at 12:30 am this morning but got his Dad.  He said he wouldn't wake you up Mom and I was mad.....but he sees God's purpose in that this morning.  He had to go to God.  The devil was raging in him with anger and self condemnation but out in the night air he prostrated himself on the hood of his car and saw the Psalm 23 he has on the windshield of the car and he raised up and put both hands up in the air and totally surrendered to God.  Asking for forgiveness and cleansing and for God to show him his purpose.
He went back in the house and asked his wife, Tina, did I say you know how wonderful that sounds to read Psalm 23 over him.  She did....over and over and he said with each time he felt release and peace come over him.  I have known my son almost 35 week.... and I believe God supernaturally delivered him last night.  We have conversed this morning off and on and I see a changed heart and spirit.  He says,  "Mom, I am thirsty and i don't mean for a drink of water".  I said I know what you mean son and how happy you have made me this morning.  We are headed for a different journey my friends and I so excited to walk it.  The walk of healing and restoration has started already but it seems more powerful this morning to me. 
Next time you see Rob I believe you will meet the new man that is within him.  He acknowledges the answer to all your prayers.  so when you meet remind him that you have and rejoice with us.  I am surprised you have not heard me shouting praises to my Father.  the One Who does what He says He will do.  He promised me so many years ago and I have lived to see it begin.  If I loved Him before I do love Him more today.  He has set my son free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thank you with all my heart for every petition you have raised on our behalf.  Don't stop because Rob recognizes that the enemy will attack so he needs your prayers.  Oh would I love to go back and add a chapter to my book........with encouragement to others to hold fast to God's promises....As my son said this morning,,,,,,,God does not lie Mom. 
Thank you for the prayers for the Retreat.  It was awesome.  God did a mighty work in hearts and is teaching them that they can sing a new song in their pain. Deliverance's took place and new insight was gained.  The place was awesome.  I am so happy to be serving my Lord in this capacity.  Some of you provided for those to go who could not afford it and i know God will bless you tremendously.  He is soooooooooo  up to something huge and it is my privilege to be a small part of it.
My heart is definitely singing a NEWSONG today.   

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