Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life is Good

Well I am almost at the end of my first week of retirement. My husband asked me tonight if I felt like I was really retired. It might take a little longer to sink in but while it is I am enjoying knowing I don't have to go in.
I got up and had my time with the Father, then went for a walk, came home showered, ran errands, got groceries and came home to welcome the plumber over to fix a water leak. Praise the Lord it was an easy fix and now we are back in business.
By that time my husband was up and ready for some food. I got supper cooked and cleaned up early. That left me time to clean out and rearrange more closets while pitching out some things for the trash, some for goodwill and some for an upcoming yard sale.
I decided to take an evening walk and take in nature and the wonderful weather. Then I came home to sit out on the screened in porch with a cup of coffee, write and check my emails. Got thank you notes to get off to my friends and co-workers. Sooooooo as you can see, I had a profitable day. I decided to top the day off with a small bowl of butter pecan ice you see why life is good.

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